Same Day Lay - How ask for sex to post1526

Same Day Lay – How ask for sex to girl

how ask for sex to girl same day layI saw a sexy girl in the shop mall. She was wearing black skirt. I decided to approach her and see what kind of type she is. She was looking to me, and her eyes were telling to me: „Make love with me today“.

In two hours, I convinced her to play pool with me now. She planned to visit her female friend, but she drooped that because of my created huge value in her eyes. Before starting playing a pool, I set a prize: If I win I can do with you what I want, if you win you can do with me what you want.

Of course, I won, because a snooker champion trained me. I took her directly to my home, because there is no time in Alpha`s life for unnecessary things. I started to dance with her and make her horny using Alpha Man Training brilliant, gold dancing-seduction techniques.

I bounced her near windowsill; I bended her over and I licked her hot juicy pussy. Her ass was so amazing. She was total 10. I fucked her all night long – 5 times giving her multiple orgasms and making her addicted to me.


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