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Same Day Lay Report Girl in Blue

same day lay girl in blueOmg guys, what happened yesterday is unbelievable. I went with my client to daygame. We did lot of approaches, took numbers. Later I was going back to home and I saw this hot blonde. She was wearing black and moving her ass to right and left. She had very sexy walking.

I approached her. She was after the work. She went to groceries buy some food.

I quickly notice that she is not ready to be pulled and fucked. So I told more stories, created enough strong attraction and connection and exchanged numbers with purpose to meet Same Day on 7 pm.

3 Hours Later…

My operator took camera and we went outside. And you cannot believe! She came with blue tight dress! So sexy! My plan was simple – pull directly her to my home. I also took photo camera.

Same Day Lay report girl in blue 1
She made me some photos. She said:

-” I am not photogenic” – girl in blue said to me.

-” OK, make photos for me”- I told her

I needed to find a way how to touch her. As it was our first meeting, I approached her from the back and touched softly her ass. I noticed, that she liked it so much. She said:

Same Day Lay report girl in blue 2

-“Hmm what happened?”

I kept Alpha Male frame and continued seduction. I took her hand and pulled her to next side of the street.

Same Day Lay report girl in blue 3
We approached bus stop. I said her to sit down. I was standing in front of her. My dick was at her level of eyes`. She started to think about my penis.
Same Day Lay report girl in blue 4

I took her hand and started to move my hips around. Of course she started to think about us together having sex. I told to me:

-“I do from approach to sex no matter what”

So I pulled her closer to my home and kissed her for the first time. It was so hot! Her lips was so juicy!!!

Same Day Lay report kiss-close

I touched in a slow and teasing way her back. She loved that!
Same Day Lay report girl in blue 6
I was just imagining how I will fuck her back in my apartments. How I will lift up her blue dress and will stick my penis inside her vagina! So quickly we approached my apartments. As I was prepared her to come inside, It was very easy to pull her to my apartment.

Same Day Lay report girl in blue 7

When we entered my apartments, operator left downstairs. I played music back in my apartment and started to dance with her. Of course it was not easy to fuck her. She came with her lot of last minute resistances. I had overcome all of them and started to fuck her round beautiful ass!

I was fucking her for full 1 hour!! All positions!!! All angles!!! She was so moaning and she so liked!!! She decided to stay at my place for the whole night…

So It was my same day lay. What I learned? You need to give women at least 2-3 hours to prepare their body for sex. Women go to shower, they shave their legs, pussy, put sexy dress, make-up and so on.

I hope you liked my same day lay report. Be free to write your stories in comments and share ideas!
Respectfully, Alpha Man Training


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