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Same Day Lay She had a boyfriend

Same Day lay girl had a boyfriendIn this article I will tell you my Same Day Lay story with a girl who had a boyfriend. I did my group dance training and drove home. I saw her walking. She was brunette with quite big tits and had that dancer energy.

In my life I started to feel girls who are in dancing

I dropped my car and went to approach her. I opened her:

-“Do you know how to dance bachata?”- I asked her.

-“Yes! From where you know?” – She was surprised.

-“Really? Let me check you” – I putted my leg between her legs and started to dance. Before 5 seconds I was total stranger to her and now she almost feeling my cock. She was going to boyfriend`s house, but I manipulated her in such way that she now came to my place. Unbelievable.

Her boyfriend does not like dancing. I said for her that for me is very strange to meet a girl like this and I feel really uncomfortable. We should change a place.

In 3 minutes I shifted her emotions to wanting come to my place. We approached my place! My room was very small. The less space room has the better it is. Why? Because you will be in contact with her.

My roommate opened the doors. He saw me with this hot brunette with huge tits and amazing ass. He understood that it is Same Day Lay girl. We went with her to my room. I turned on music and we started to dance. OMG! It is so sexy. 10 minutes back I was talking with her on the street and now I having her back at my place in private room!!!

We started to dance and in 40 minutes I was inserting my penis into her vagina and saying her think about your boyfriend!

Yours, Alpha Man Training


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