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Same Day Lay Trainings in London

same day lay londonWe met our client in London and did Alpha Man Trainings. The Trainings were concentrated on how to make Same Day Lays, because of situation in London. The distances are really huge, so to pull a girl to your place is not the best idea. We trained Raldo (fake name) how to go with girls and end up with sex in girl`s place. Trainings were very successful and we very proud about the results.

Meeting a client

We flew to London to make Alpha Man Trainings. We arrived at Raldo place. He lives in London. His goal is to learn: “from approach to sex” in London, where are lot of different girls from all over the world, huge distances between meeting place and sex location.He was struggling to get Same Day Lays, so we arrived to make it happen.

We entered his room. First impression was not good. All stuff was thrown around the room and to do quality job in such environment was not the best idea. We encouraged Raldo to clean the room and prepare for AMT.

Men, you should clean, prepare table for Alpha Man Trainings. It should be maximum just two things, but not 50. We need concentrate and do great work.

After we prepared room for Trainings, we started AMT. At first we looked for his clothes. We made the most beautiful style for him choosing from his all clothes.

Men, AMT will look to your wardrobe and will explain witch clothes looks on you the best.

After style change, we started to watch AMT videos. We explained him superior man qualities and mindset. Later our client called to girls who approached back in the days. A client red our book and watched DVD, so he got some new numbers and now he wants to seduce these girls on the first date.

Approaching girls in mall

We approached beautiful British girl in she shop. She was cute with huge breast. We liked her hair and energy. We showed for Raldo how to pickup consultants in the mall.

Russian girl in the LondonLater in the same mall, we approached an amazing stunning Russian girl. She is in the photo on the left.

We talked with her in Russian language. Men, most beautiful girls on the planet are from Russia. Without Russian language for you will be really hard to create connection with amazing Russian girls. Very little of them talk in English. They are used to talk in Russian, because they grown up in Russia. they attended Russian schools. So we strongly recommend you to learn basics of Russian language.

Russian girls are the one of the most feminine women on the planet. We love them.

Correcting client`s mistakes on interacting with women

how to become attractive to women

Raldo approached woman with a kid.  We explained how to seduce a woman who walks with kid.

Later he approached stunning girl from Spain. He perfectly introduced himself and went to girl`s hotel. Unfortunately he did not pull her to toilet, so he took her number.

Men, you should be trained to aim these goals: A – pull her back to your place, B – go with her and fuck her in her place or somewhere-else like toilet, C – get her telephone number and meet her next day where logistics work better for you.

Raldo approached amazing girl from China. She was wearing hot stockings and high-heels. Girl was keeping an umbrella for Raldo. He was like a bad-boy.

AMT approached a girl from Baltic Country – Lithuania. She is about 32 years but still very hot. AMT did not want to pull her and fuck o the same day. He left her.

AMT approached a girl from Romania. Girl was surprised when AMT introduced himself nationality as Russian,  but used to live in Los Angeles. AMT did not like her energy and chose to not pull her to toilet.

AMT dislikes polish girls energy and decided to not go with her and have same day lay.

Raldo approached cute Russian girl in the cafe. He pulled her and sat down. He perfectly told stories. A girl was interested about him. Unfortunately he played too much boyfriend`s game and did not pulled her. So he took her contacts.

Pulling hot Ukrainian girl


Raldo perfectly pulls Ukrainian girl to cafe. A girl likes him and on deeper lever she understands what will happen if she will stay with Raldo. We proud about Raldo success.

At the same night we went to one local Salsa club, and AMT danced with amazing hot girl. Raldo realized that he should invest into learning new dancing/seduction techniques.

While going to night clubs we got one number from great Bulgarian girl. We will meet her next day.

Seducing hot 10`s British blonde during day-game

AMT approached an amazing sexy blonde in book store. A girl was wearing blue jeans. Her ass was round and amazing. We thought that this girl is from Eastern European. We were surprised that she is British. A girl was so interested and happy by being approached that AMT decided to meet her next day.

Pulling hot south Africa – British girl and making same day lay

pulling a girl in charlotte north carolina

We saw stunning business-casual style brunette in the mall. She was wearing like salsa shoes. So we approached and asked: “Sorry, maybe you are salsa dancer, because of your shoes??” A girl was really surprised and happy by being approach by sex-worthy guy.

After 1 minute we pulled her to cafe. We realized that it is a girl to make same day lay. We decided to go with her till the end. A client was shocked how we fast pull a hot girl.

A girl had a mindset that is to get laid on the first meet is something wrong. We reprogrammed her and pulled.

Raldo pickups girls really well

He reached sexual hook from Switzerland girl. He is much more relaxed, grounded and dominant. We very proud about his transformation.

A girl from China first suggested to exchange contacts and meet next day. The results of Raldo is really great. Before trainings he was rejecting by girls, but now girls suggest their numbers for him. Absolutely incredible.

Raldo`s game is incredible. A girl from Thailand has a boyfriend but Raldo still pulls her. If now he is pulling girls who have boyfriends, what will happen after one year if he will practice these techniques? We are very happy about his success.

AMT goes to girls` place and makes same day lay

Alpha Male Pulls a hot Lithuanian Girl

We saw stunning blonde in the mall. She was looking around vine-champagne bottles. We liked her, because of her classic blue office type trousers. Her ass looked very sexy in these trousers. So We approached.

We liked her energy and we decided to get laid on the same day. We showed for our client to get ready for 3-4 hours of shooting, walking and so on. A client understood that we will go till the end. So he prepared.

First we pulled this stunning blonde outside the shop. She was going to meet her guy-friend from India. She said, that she is not typical Lithuanian girl (she was from Lithuania and she flew to Lithuania next day as We. Very rare congruence.

She was saying to us: “Look, I am not that typical girl from Lithuania who go and meets guy-friends with other males”. We did not pay attention to that and We used baby-stepping method  and we went by smalls steps for this Indian guy. We knew that We will take Alpha Male Status once we will meet this Indian guy. We created such powerful connection that this girls did not want go alone and invited.


Raldo gives Testimonial about Alpha Man Trainings. He explains why he chose these trainings.


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