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Same Day Lay with 18 years old Girl

We were driving to our massage therapist who was giving us 5 time massages for 15 minutes. As we working out it is important to massage all the body, especially lower back as it experiences lot of press from lifting weights. We jumped into the bus and we see this young girl with black mask and black leather leggings sitting and listening music.

We opened her with newest AMT opener from Same Day Bang v2. She responded so well because that opener really works well during this shitty corona pandemic.  She said: “why you do not sit close to me?” – excuse me! What? You instantly inviting us to sit down close to you even it did not pass 1 minute after we opened you? What a fucking horny girl.

We sat down and she said: “I also dance. I dance house solo dancing. I am living 10 miles away from Vilnius.  I also would like to go to tan my body as today is so sunny day.  I go to tanning salon.  I go to gym in my suburbs where I live”- she really opened and qualified to us and at the last bus stop we exchanged numbers.

We went to our massage session. It took 15 minutes. After it we called this girl. She answered the phone. She said: “I would be free 5 pm this night. Okay let’s meet at that bus stop”.

We came back to our apartments. We quickly made food for us. Dressed up really well and went to meet her on 5 pm at that fucking bus stop. First time she sees us in classic style – coat, jacket, shirts, and shoes. She is astonished. A guy she met before was wearing grey bottoms and blue t-shirts and now he is dressing so fucking sharp.

We used AMT systems to skip any dating boring activity and went straight to bedroom.  The side effect of this system is that we needed to work 1 full hour until we passed all her resistance to have sex on the same day. Look at the pictures below, she even came to bedroom with her puffy jacket and we needed to start from removing that fucking puffy jacket, going up till removing her pants and inserting our thick cock into her wet pussy. We fucked 18 years old very sexy girl on the same day.

After this same day lay we became even stronger social ninja on removing girl any hesitation of having or not having sex with this guy on the same day. Couple her bullshit lines: “my friends are in car accident, I cannot stay her, I need to go help them”, “what are you doing, please I do not want to dance, I did not eat for the whole day, could you give me water?”, “I  am not doing this on the first meeting”, “why you are doing this?” “no, please do not lift me up”, “I am not such girl that are you thinking”, “No, I want to keep my pants”, “please do not unbutton my pants”, I am not having sex without condom”, “why you are doing this?” We crushed all those bullshit hesitations with strong powerful with no competition AMT SYSTEMS.

This experience was amazing. I mean just imagine how we are turned on then we pull this new brand 18 years old pussy and fuck on the same day. Just 6 hours back we approached her in the bus and now we are fucking her in our bedroom. What an amazing life!

Same Day Lay with 18 years old girl Coldreading a Girl

Same Day Lay with 18 years old girl Approaching in the Bus

Same Day Lay with 18 years old girl Exchanging numbers

Same Day Lay with 18 years old girl Manipulating in order to meet her later

Same Day Lay with 18 years old girl Checking where she is right now

Same Day Lay with 18 years old girl Dressing Classy and Ready to meet and pull her

Same Day Lay with 18 years old girl Meeting her on the same day

Same Day Lay with 18 years old girl Pulling straight to bedroom

Same Day Lay with 18 years old girl Using AMT systems to seduce and overcome all her hesitations for sex on the same day

Same Day Lay with 18 years old girl Using Powerful Strong AMT systems

To your insane success with young sexy girls


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