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Same Night Lay Pick up Infield Video

Same Night Lay Pick up Infield Video Getting numberDuring that time I was in Europe. I came back from Turkey to Lithuania. I was on vocation in Turkey. I wanted to bring high quality men`s classic clothes from Turkey to Lithuania.

When i came back I was happy and on emotions. So I called my buddy and said him lets go to approach some girls and make Same Day or Night Lays. My buddy was happy that I called him and suggested. This activity connects us so much!

So we went to streets and I saw this girl walking with quite short skirt. Her legs were absolutely amazing. I was thinking that her ass will look also super. So, I approached her:

Same Night Lay Pick up Infield Video Approach-“Hey nice to meet you. My name is Aron” – but she did not understand me and rejected. I continued by saying:

-“I see that for women here in Lithuania is very strange then guys approach them. I lived in Italy for one year, and over there is very natural and normal to approach girls“. After those lines she opened up.

Same Night Lay Pick up Infield Video Lift upI represented my situation that I am a dance teacher and I am searching female assistant for my dance classes. And she rejected me once again by saying:

-“So good luck for you searching an assistant“. I thought ‘WTF you are saying girl’. Then I made lift up and her emotions changed. I got her number and on the same day I called her and invited go with me together and dance in my favorite nightclub.

Then I drove to her place, you guys cannot imagine how she was looking sexy. She dressed tight black dress, high-heels and jumped to my old car. Her ass was stunning and also she had huge breast. So we drove together to nightclub and I started to dance with her. Same Night Lay was close to me!

Same Night Lay Pick up Infield Video Dancing in nightclub Same Night Lay Pick up Infield Video Turn her on

Used all my dancing skills to create good connection with her. On 1:30 am morning I started to dance with her in very sexy way and on 2:00 Am morning I drove her back to my place.

I was imagining my new Same Night Lay. To experience those one day lays is simple amazing!!! I said her:

-“Let drive to my favorite place where I drink green tea“. She asked:

-“Where it is?”

I said:

-“I will show you. But before driving. Can we make an agreement that you will not touch me?” – I said directly to her eyes. She started laugh and answered:

-“OK :)”

Same Night Lay Pick up Infield Video Turn on at home Same Night Lay Pick up Infield Video getting laid

So I drove her back to my place and for all night I was fucking her amazing ass and tits. She was TOTAL 10. Guys I telling you: SHE WAS PERFECT 10. That I noticed that I am gaining the most confidence by laying 10`s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Same Night Lay gave me lot of confidence. It showed that you should not give up if she rejects you three times in a row. Also it showed that if you want to change her emotions – lift up technique is great way to do it. Take guys this all my experience and be more smart next time.


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