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The Ukrainian woman smiled and we took advantage of that

Today we got ready to go to the gym to do sports. We are walking down the street and we see a girl wearing a blue dress coming in front of us. We were really well prepared, hair done, perfume was putted on us. And as we passed by, she looked at us and smiled.

We smiled at her too. Then we passed her, stopped and thought we should go talk to her. We caught up, she was already at least 100 meters away and she went to the store, turned back to us and our faces met. She appears to be from Ukraine. He spoke neither English. We had to speak Russian.

After a few phrases leading her to sex, she was already ready to move with us to another place, but we offered her to meet in the evening, after sports. She pulled out a phone that had a sim card tray on the back that contained a phone number. She had recently bought a phone SIM card because she did not yet know her phone number by heart.

So we went to the gym, came back, met her in the evening and made love. We have videos from which you will learn a lot – how to seduce her, how to turn her on for sex, how to make love to her to make her come back and fall in love with you. Very valuable video. If you are interested, contact us.

In the photo below, you can see how she rushes at us with her whole body. In training, we will teach you and help you create a good, attractive image.

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