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Tinder Coach/Dating Mentor near me

Tinder Coach and Dating Mentor could help you to reach your goal. But first you should believe in what you set up with Tinder Coach / Dating Mentor. The goal should sound realistic for you. You should believe that you could achieve it.

This client (link of video is below article) refused to have coaching over Tinder, because he thinks he will be too overwhelmed with tasks. The goal you will set up with your Dating Coach/Tinder Mentor should not overwhelm you, because you will quit. The coaching fee you will pay should also not be low, because you there will be no financial leverage, you will not look seriously to training – transformation and you will quit. If you will pay USD 500 for training, how many chances that you will quit ? HUGE. If you will pay USD 10000 for training, how many chances that you will quit? LOW, because you will lose your money. You will be driven to achieve goal or you will feel – you lost your money.

If you pay little coaching fee you could do damage to Coach’s company by revealing information you got on coaching and in that way you could create lot of competitors for you, for a coach who trained you and for other guys.

For you do not need that other men would be Alpha Men, because will be too high competition for you. Normal price protects you from sharing to other males who can use Tinder Coach’s/Dating Mentor’s knowledge by creating you problems. Because. Techniques will work until women will receive few letters by Alpha Men, will be approached by few Alpha Men. If 20 guys will send same text to her over Tinder, that text will not work. Woman will not believe in this text and she will think that it is a scam.

If a woman will be approached with same Dating Mentor’s line by other 20 guys – this line will not work, because she will think it is not normal, why these all men approaches her with same line, where is naturalism? authenticity of those men? where is normal guy? this is a scam? By paying a coaching fee which does not motivate you to share training knowledge with other guys (which intrigues coach’s rights because you are forbidden to share any information you learned on training) you also protect that other men who do not look seriously to training would not use against you. Also by paying coaching fee which motivates coach to work with you, you are doing right thing, because a coach will be motivated to work with you.

Watch this video how we per 1 hour determined our client’s realistic goal. We will talk with him next time on a video and maybe will change something in his goal. We have determined with client that after 3 months he will gain 5 kilograms muscles, will have his own punching bag, punching gloves, area of training, will get 12 contacts of sexy girls, will dance with 6 girls and will have level 7 of overall your confidence + winter jacket. Watch a video (if you cannot see this video, you need to wait until it will be processed)

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