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Top 10 Turn Ons for Women Alpha Male Behavior

what turns women on 9_1In this article we will reveal 10 Alpha Male secrets how to turn a girl on. We will give you 10 turn ons for women. You can use these Alpha Male secrets with girls you pull back to your place. You will see and will feel their real feminine energy and monster level emotions. Just 5 % of men on this earth really know what turns women on. And you will be on of them. Enjoy.

Turn On for Women #1: Play the music you love

what turns women on 1_1
You are the most important person in the relationship. Woman is a mirror of you. If you happy and enjoy – she will be happy and enjoy as well. If you are not sure about what are you doing, she will be not sure what she is doing with you. Play the music you love, enjoy, relax and show your Alpha Males body language. Use space around you. Dominate everything around you. Tables, speakers, walls, girls. You are the king of jungle. That turns women enormously.

Turn On for Women #2: Use open and slow Alpha body language

what turns women on 2_1
If your body movements are fast – you Beta and not confident. If you sure about your movements, you smile and you relaxed – You simply Alpha Male. Sit down like boss and let her to touch your hair. Women love to be person #2. Alpha Males are leaders, women are followers.

Turn On for Women #3: Dance with her passionable

what turns women on 3_1
Dance with her in dominant way. Do not dance fucking salsa or bachata. Dance Night Club dance system. It turn women on, because you insert your leg between her legs. When you dance salsa – you have a space between you and her. Alpha Male breaks any space between him and woman. If you are dominant and passion-able in dancing, woman will associate you as a good lover in bad. She will turn on.

Turn On for Women #4: Take a chair and imitate that you will beat her

what turns women on 4_1
Take a chair and imitate that you want to beat her. It will give her different emotions. Be funny about that. Women love aggressive males. They say that they like pussies and nice guys. But the real true is that you turn them on by being true bad-ass Alpha King.

Dont be a little bitch. Give her wide variety of emotions. Love-Hate-Aggressiveness-Passion. We shooted lot of hidden camera videos and all of those videos proved as: “dont be a fucking nice guy. DOMINATE”. If you are not dominant for 5 seconds, she will lose all her attraction towards you.

Turn On for Women #5: Touch her ass roughly

what turns women on 5_1
Dont be a nice guy who softly touches her ass and pussy. You are Alpha Male. Being very dominant you will attract very feminine woman. Being very weak and passive you will attract fucking gold-digger who will like to dominate you and make you Beta. Connect with you masculinity. Touch and grab her ass roughly.

I remember one time when I asked my girlfriend to find porno witch she likes. And guess what? She showed me porno where 3 guys were dominating one girl and giving her lot of pain. That is who those real bitches are. They fantasize about being fucked by more than 1 male.

Turn On for Women #6: Stick your penis to her ass and move hips around

what turns women on 6_1

Women love contact. Girls love when you hug her and show love. Dont make a space between you and her. Expect push-pull techniques. Squat down, bend your knees, stick your penis to her ass, place your right hand on her side of pussy and move your hips around. It will drive her crazy and turn on for sex.

Turn On for Women #7: Finger her ass and vagina

what turns women on 7_1

Finger her ass and vagina. Take total domination in bed. Dont feel shame about your masculinity. You were born to be man not little bitch. Stop being little bitch, complain that you do not understand women and techniques do not work. Your wife will be bitch. Go thru life without any fear. There is no time for hesitation.

Stick your two fingers to her vagina and finger her. It needs in order to make her pants wet.

Turn On for Women #8: Finger her ass and vagina

what turns women on 8_1


Women dislike when you remove their pants fast. Video after video we saw that the more slow you remove their pants the more you turn women on. I remember one my Same Day Lay. I pulled that chick to play pool, later to restaurant and when home. I remember when I bended her down on table  and slowly slowly removed her pants. So amazing big butt showed up with black strings. Simply incredible moment. Enjoy.

Turn On for Women #9: Finger her trough stockings

what turns women on 9_1
Women love to be fingered trough stockings. Later is very easy to stick you penis into vagina, because vagina will be very wet. Women hate when men without fingering insert penis to their vagina. They feel pain and later next time they will not want to have sex with you. Sex should associate with pleasure not with pain.

Turn On for Women #10: Fuck her everywhere and very deeply

what turns women on 10_1
Fuck her in doggy style. Girls love to be fucked trough ass. It turns them on. Also pull their hair. They want to be ladies in public and bitches in bed. Bend her over the wardrobe and fuck till she will cry. That is the Alpha Male Mindset. Welcome to the REAL ALPHA MEN WORLD.

Those emotions, results that our client get from interacting with women and fucking them are priceless. You can have newest Ford Mustang, Ferrari, even helicopter, but if you will be Beta male around her, she will fuck another Alpha Male.


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