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Two girls wanted relationship with me

How can I attract a girl at work Sara

I have been working in coffee shop as Barista where a lot of girls working too similar age with me. This helped to be closer to a lot of girls and spend time with them. At initial stage I had inner dream to have Sara as girlfriend shortly when she joined company as new employee.

Another girl Monia when I saw her first time I realized she liked me very much I could see this from her eyes the way she looked to me. Both of them were working full-time. I was already working in this company about three years. I think in general Alpha Man training helped to achieve to have two girls would like to have serious relationship with me and get invitation to date from girl one girl.

In additional I think too helped me to achieve this including consistent care of body language, clear skin, tidiness and efforts presenting myself without negative way. When I heard first time date invitation I was thinking this is joke and did not take it seriously just not very important speech. Sara also was complimenting me to other people when I was not in work and I heard it from other people when arrived at work. One of this was I good guy which is nowadays is very rare and she was looking for this type. However, in a week she was making sure invitation is serious and I understand this but telling to face. All this evolved gradually like from nothing to end of story it took about two to three months working together, speaking, flirting and increasing attractiveness.

I was finding speaking with Sara more easily than with other girls with topics such as tick cross games and even playing it, work support in work activities and anything related about us.

How to Flirt With a Woman at Work Monia

Another girl Monia was trying to spend extra time in front of me by walking and/or staying and grab my attention for example when finish her shift just than she bring earned money from the kiosk to another big store and she dresses her own clothes instead work which makes her look more sexy and one time. She complimented me she liked me because I natural guy. One time she said to me she would be my girlfriend because I was thinking she nicest girl ever I saw in my life.

I had learned and just confirmed girls are much more like guys which have more power them theirs. In addition, I had feeling she wanted to have couple’s relationship with me because the way she spoken. If I really have to decide which girl to take is very hard choice for me as Sara and Monia very similar. However, it has condition to have her as girlfriend she would like me to have instead part-time position barista to take offered promotion which I had opportunity to take to manager assistant role full-time because than I could take care girl in better way.

This I did not wanted to take because was studying at the university I would like to complete it for future benefits. By the same time there was another girl so those two girls was competing which will win me. For instance, Sara was promoting herself and lowering Monia. Sara sometimes goes angry and jealous if feels and sees started a bit flirting with customer when heard one girl said “Thanks love” when I have made drink for her. Both girls were my taste.

The one advantage was at the start I could not believe I could change to have these girls as girlfriends as I was thinking is too high for me but within time it changes and it helped me to boost much confident. I started believing could achieve much in life if I dedicate to it.


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