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Vytas Review of Alpha Man Training

Hey all,
so my story with Alpha Man Training started 3 or 4 years ago. The problem I was facing was multi-fold – I had no casual friends, my dating life was non-existent and the prospects for either seemed grim for someone with my lifestyle – a couch potato introvert working in IT. The first time we started tackling this problem was successful, so successful impact that in a random approach a week down the line I met a girl who liked me very much, with very little effort… And here I fell into the first trap – instead of continuing to work on the fundamental problem I chose the next-best-thing – a band-aid solution – started a committed relationship. After all isn’t that the point – get the girl and live happily ever after. Except it didn’t last because I settled and every day my conscience reminded me of this.

Fast forward 2 years and I found myself in the same situation as before, except now filled with 3 things – regret that I settled, more anxiety built over the period, and full of inner fire (looking back, it was just an affect of prob-longed abstinence) to start fresh… And so I fell into the second trap – I was hoping that my feeling of inner fire would fast-forward me through all the pain of rejection and just give me the finished product – an alpha man character. Didn’t happen. Was too anxious to approach anyone because the empowering feeling faded as soon as I wanted to rely on it. I was so angry with myself, but if my inner fire was gone, what could I do – was what I kept repeating to myself as I returned to my normal – as described in the beginning – self.
This brings me to now. I am as unfulfilled with my life as I was 4 years ago. I did a lot of thinking and came to an unsurprising conclusion that if I’ll continue to behave this way, it’ll continue to lead me to the same results – nothing to show. With this in mind, I decided to give AMT one final try. I thought about doing it alone, but without the support of a mentor, it’s too easy to fall back into the blissful abyss of your old ways.

Lesson 1 is about setting a baseline. For me, it’s not about getting laid or even getting numbers. It’s about seeing can I approach women, with will as the only driving factor or not (instead of relying on positive emotions). I’m happy to say this lesson was a success. The idea that made all the difference was a swap of metric – instead of measuring my success externally – how liked I was by women – I measured it by courage – I said I would approach her and I did. It’s already a success. Likeability at the moment is just a cherry or top. Passing lesson 1 means I’ll work with Alpha Man Training and since I’m confident in his ability to help me help myself – it’s just the start of a journey!

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