I would rather reverse the question “When is the time to marry a girl?” by asking following question “What is the age of girls that is the easiest to marry?” And the answer is – when girls do not have lot of ex-relationships with the men and have not been hurt in these relationships. When those girls are: calm to deal with, to be with, when they have what we call easy character. The age of these girls range 18-23 years old.

When a girl is between 18 – 23 years old, it’s 95 % that you will have long term relationship with her and if you love her, you can marry her. Your age most of time will be 4-5 years older than the girl’s age. If she is 20 years old, – you 24-25 years old, you are good to get married, create a family and have a happy relationship.

marry her, marry girl

The biggest challenge is that you marry not just the girl, but girl’s whole family. You marry her mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather and so on. If you are 40 years old and you marry 22 years old girl, the challenge for both of you will be reactions of hers and yours family members. Be very smart about it and do not do too long of a pickup, because it will be very hard for you to choose a girl to marry. If you feel and she feels connection between you – you are both soulmates. So step forward and propose to her in front of her dad or family, or yours. Include other family members during proposing act. It will help with their support.

What happens if you try to marry 35 years old woman? It depends by country and culture, but most of the time she probably has been married 1 time, divorced, had experienced large cash expenses for lawyers during divorce process. She’s been hurt and now she fears to marry once again. You want to marry her, but she does not want it. You want to have a baby with her, but she already has a baby from ex-marriage.

See, a life goes really fast and sometimes we need teacher’s advice about a girl you are planning to marry. Teachers that we you will meet over your lifetime can help you make biggest turns in your life.
You always be willing to find your partner in life!


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