White American Woman seduced near Pentagon in car by AMT at Washington DC - post7516

White American Woman seduced near Pentagon in car by AMT at Washington DC

Our great white German roots – excellent logical thinking for military equipment, household appliances and cars follower was asking us – for some seduction infields. Here is our chat.

I bet you’ll find yoga slut soon—possibly today!!!

While you’re looking, you could also search for this slut!

Both are awesome!!!!!!!

Thank you for remindering. Yeah they are all awesome!!

The problem is motyvation is not so good when payments for invoices just coming in March but we will do our best

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What should we call this girl?

Red tank top?? Hehe

Or just red top?


Do you want that prices of groceries and products would drop down? Also your yearly salary would increase? So you would be able much more faster pay all infields and your bills? Connect us with Pentagon, we would do Online Seminar on how to communicate with Putin and solve war in 3 hours

Yeah she could be red top

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Did student approach red top and struggle?

And then you took over lol???

He struggled a lot, he spent 10 seconds and could not deal with his anxiety, that is very sad.

Yes and when we approached her

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So you approached her right there in front of her house?? Hehe

You are German roots American, Pentagon would respect you as you are local and maybe their official would think about holding a seminar of how perfectly communicate with different types of people, at this case with Vladimir Putin

yeah at her house

this is very amazing

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What’s very amazing?


nice connection

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Oh yeah. Once you approached, did student walk away or did he stay as wingman?

If you can seduce a woman, YOU CAN RULE A COUNTRY

We do not remember

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She was easy or difficult to seduce?

what we remember that we were in shock how actually anxiety is controlling him. Lot of work with him with therapy, but solving

We need to check her infield

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Did she have a great body?? She looks like she did!

Definitely good body, we cannot feel attraction to any body of female. That primary attraction

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Nice tits to grab hold of? Nice ass to pound?? Pussy nice

Absolutely, it was so amazing to lick per pussy from behind when she bend over

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And she loved getting fucked from behind?????

Yeah first with a condom and when we removed

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How were her moans???

Very loud, she did not expect being so good fucked. Probably she thought that we would be random guys who cums in two minutes. But she needed to hold 30 minutes hot fuck

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Did you dominate her completely???

Did you let student watch infield of you seducing her and banging her?

Totally dominated and putted sperm so she could have baby because she wanted, becasue she said to remove condom and fuck her without condom and cum inside her. Yeah, and after that, after couple days we sat with American follower and watched infield and trained him how we seduced her, explained him step after step

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Did you fuck just once or several times??

We were coming over to her place and she was coming to our place. Was very interesting, thrilling, nice, and it makes life interesting and happy her. Of course she needed to deal with pain when we left for Europe

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Did you have to be sneaky to avoid husband/boyfriend? Or was she single???

She did not tell, we do not know

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Sexy bitch! She looks about 25 years old?

Or maybe 27?

Or 22 who knows lol

we do not remember

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Did she have nice house? Nice bedroom ??? lol

Do you think Loyd Austin fucked his wife amazingly tonight?


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No idea! He seems overweight and out of shape hehe

Well he needs support, and job is stressful, lot of communication, solving problems, traveling and so on

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Did red top have nice place?

We are watching now with Polish girl we seduced history

lying in bed and watching nice video

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What are you watching?

You know Lithuania-Poland common wealth

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Oh cool

Did red top cook for you???

Of course no, do you know American females who cook ?? It is kinda har yeah to find?


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I know some

You know they have stressful life, they need go to work, for lot of them no time to cook, maybe just at weekend for the whole week

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True. Did red top have multiple orgasms I’m sure?

Her one female neighbor went talk to us next day when we were standing at her house. She said: “She is kinda loud!!”

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lol. Did you seduce her female neighbor too??????

Yeah, we sat down in her car because she said: “I miss good fuck. I wanna that guy would fuck me, so I scream and he do not stop”, so we drove near Pentagon and fucked her like army guy

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You banged her neighbor in car????

Yeah totally and also were spending time with her female neighbor

We dressed army guy outfit and drove with her near Pentagon and fucked her, was beautiful sky, amazing atmoshere, she loved the way we kissed her and seduced

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Was red top jealous??

No, she was not selfish, she said You AMT doing amazing work – teaching men around the globe how to seduce women. Thank you.

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Haha wow. Great job

Did red top have nice place? Did you fuck all over her house?

Yeah in bathroom, lot of at her room – on her bed, also in kitchen when her other female roommate was in her room and heard everything

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And did she struggle to walk???


Yeah she received lot of pleasure and orgasms as her pussy was so juicy. Yeah afterwards she just wanted to sleep but we said lets go for a walk. She replied: “where do you want to take me?” , we replied: “You will see” , and we fucked her more and more until next day she could not walk normally by receiving so much love and passion from us

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Well I hope you find red top infield. She sounds amazing. Sounds very nice. Not bitchy like yoga slut lol

Maybe red top infield will be easier to find than yoga bitch!

We would like to thank You for great questions. Thank you KRK – top German white

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You are welcome


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