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Why do I never get confident around girls

If you struggle in life,I feel your pain. If you do not know the answer why do you never get confident around girls, I feel your pain and I know how it is disappointing and leading to depression with stress-release pills. I know how it is hard for you to get an example of someone who will show you how to be normal and confident around girl who you find attractive. Here I will help you out. Please read carefully until the end.

Deleting the “old you”

I remember when one alpha man training learner was is situation I described above plus he was too shy in front of girls. He asked me: “How do I change that?, I asked him: “Did your father helped you out? Did he give you advices on how to approach strange girls and not to be shy around them? Did he drive with you to shop new clothes which would make you look as best as it can?”, when Asian student replied: “My father all the time worked with air-conditioning systems, and mom helped him out like accountant since we moved live to house in USA.

My father always was socially closed and mother was the leader of the family”. With big empathy and understanding of what huge pain he went thru I looked to him in carrying way and said: “I am very sorry for this situation and pain you went thru, tomorrow we can drive to few shopping malls to find new clothes for you and tonight we can look to few online websites to buy for you new gym clothes. As we will approach girls in gym, you need to look good”.

Once he heard that I sincerely want to help him out, he said: “Very thank you and appreciate, yes let’s do it”. When I said: “But before that let’s drive to your place to see what you have in your wardrobe, – to see what clothes you already have”. Asian alpha man training learner agreed and we drove 20 miles away to his place.

He was renting basement type apartment from one family. 97 % of clothes were wrong to him. Lot of them were too big, too baggy style, did not suit him. One winter jacket was expensive and was too big for him. Asian student was in shock – how much money and time he wasted shopping wrong clothes.

I said him: “Girls notice those little details which does not match in your appearance”. Better to have few clothes which match and make you look great, than to have lot of clothes which make you look guy who has no friends or at least mother or father who help him to buy proper clothes.

Your clothes show your lifestyle, your ability to communicate with seller or other people who help you out with their opinion. No style equals no communication skills, shyness and big problem in personal loving life. A girl asks herself: “who can date this guy? he is retarded, something is wrong with him, does he had any girl in the past?” – lot of questions comes to her mind when she sees you in wrong style.

You need to give away (to children’s home) or to homeless people your old clothes and delete for lifetime old memories and your old image of yourself. Look, when you found alpha man training and implemented AMT knowledge, you no longer that boy, you stepped forward into becoming an Alpha Man. You already have changed!

As you see from this example how important in your life can be a dating coach. Not even he can save your most valuable asset in your life – your health and time, he also can move you on the path to be confident around girls.

Your relationship with Dating Coach

You should base this relationship on respecting, carrying, supporting and understanding each other. Asian learner showed those qualities on our Skype sessions. He showed sincerity and from what family he came from. I felt safe and decided to fly 5000 miles to his city to do alpha man training.

Classic and casual styles for Approaching Women

We went to few shopping malls and created two styles for Asian AMT learner: one for daygame (Casual style) and for night game (Classic style which later we called Asian Mafia Style). Sometimes this night game Asian mafia style we used to approach 18-23 years old girls on student campus.

Other two styles we have created for a gym (two styles), because there are girls to approach and meet at the gym. After we have created those styles for Asian AMT learner, – his confidence have increased. I remember how he said being in those clothes: “Wow, I never thought that I could look like this! Great!”

How to get more confidence to talk to girls. The bottom line

Man or boy who you read AMT, I sincerely talk to you. You should look to your problems very seriously and sincerely with hard work solve them, because now, maybe you have wrong priorities. You need to invest into products and training and save time. With each day you are getting older and older and you losing most valuable asset – time to meet your dream woman.

Here are:

1.Carrying, helping and protecting your most close people (Your mother, father, sister, aunt, uncle and also your dating coach because those people making biggest impact in your life.

2.Being responsible for your health. Money is worthless if you do not have health and your closest people need to take care of you. It will take health from them to take care of you. You are responsible to maintain as good health as you can to create as less problems for your closest people as you can.

3. Finding your soulmate and creating a family (give birth to other human being and take care of it).

4. Take care of your job, create well-being for people. Look, lot of you guys do a very big mistake in life – putting 4th and 3rd priorities to the top (most important). It means, there are lot of men on the planet who tries to earn as lot of money as they can, they lose their health, spend that earned money on divorcing wrong partner and paying health bills in hospital. Moreover at the end of the life their closest people are not helping them because those men did not care the relationship with them in the past.

Man, be careful in the life, to not end up in situation where you are in your health problem situation and there is no family to help you out. Just your money. But look, money can be taken from you any day any time by government, police and other people.

So, have the right priorities, take care of relationships, invest into relationships, change your outfit and go to approach strange girls and build up your confidence.


Eastern European AMT Student at the end of training said: “Now I am calm and happy, because after Alpha Man Training 5 days of approaching women in London I see that am attracted to Russian girls. I figured out my sexuality” 


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