Wide hips amazing ass Baltics female cop fucked by AMT - post7397

Wide hips amazing ass Baltics female cop fucked by AMT

We were sharing sex stories with our brilliantly thoughtful follower, and the story of the seduction of a policewoman came out. Enjoy this story

Female cops want us to give them amazing turning on for sex massage. One female officer called us and said in funny way: “I am driving to you for free massage” – we said: “yes drive, but without gun, we want to massage your ass”, and she drove without gun with police car, came to our apartment and we fucked. She also told what she is hearing in police department. Amazing fuck

Charles Kalteyer


When we asked why you decided to fuck us? She said: “hearing that “victim” who came to our department how you massaged her and tricked into sex I decided to fuck you. Also I want a massage! For free! No one gives me!!!”

She showed data of all citizens will all passports. She has her logins to it. Amazing stuff. She said:”do you want to build house together, create family?” We said “No. Better you come simetimes to us, we sometimes go to you”

She was checking cameras in our place. Her moaning was something insane! She goes to gym. She knows our first name last name, passport, complaints. Nice and thrilling experience to fuck her and shoot her amazing ass

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Charles Kalteyer

She knew you had cameras??

Yes. She said do not shoot me you bastard Aron


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Charles Kalteyer


Very sexy female cop, not satisfied with work load, but loves such sex cases like our

Turns her pussy full of wetiness

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Charles Kalteyer


Not satisfied with salary, lot of work to do, too much, nobody gives massage and fucks her so well that she could hardly walk normally

But she has lot of tools, can do searches, can send detectives to people’s residencies if there are reasonable suspicions with data

She has tools police provided for her. Total slut

Loves doggy style so much, but first massage

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Allison loves dingy style now too


Charles Kalteyer


Peržiūrėta Charles Kalteyer, 00:33

Charles Kalteyer

Used to not like, but loves feeling me fill her up now!!!

Amazing hips, hot thighs, super ass for great sex

To your amazing success of seducing and fucking female police patrols, female investigators, female prosecutors, female judges!!!!!!!!!

Lear our amazing top system with tricking girls into sex and use it to your advantage!!!!!!!!!!!

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6 Responses to Wide hips amazing ass Baltics female cop fucked by AMT

  1. Dan says:

    Were’s the sex pics?

  2. Dan says:

    Yes for proof. She sexy!

    • Do you agree that she should send her CSIs to your house to search it because of the photo posted? If you agree give us your address, first name last name and definitely we will it will be posted 😉

  3. dragonforcehenry123 says:

    Estimado no se logra ver las fotos del sexo. Como se podria acceder a todo ello , por favor.

  4. Dan says:

    Girls you approached and had sex are so hot. It just drives me crazy!

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