Workout hard sing dance solo and make connections - post7541

Workout hard sing dance solo and make connections

Beautiful Lithuanian female, sexy lips, eyes, pink nails

Where EAST and WEST meets , – Vilnius

AMT: “Hey do you know what is the time now?”
Baltic female: “4pm 40 minutes”

AMT: “You are on the date?”
Girl: “Waiting for female friend”
AMT: “Why not boyfriend 😀 ?”

AMT: “How do you live?”
Do you like dancing? 😉

AMT: “Look how you look, do you like it?”

AMT approaching club on 11 so would be space to dance Solo

AMT exchanging contacts with DJ of Salento

Practicing Solo at Salento and teaching men how to do it. On the DJ stand – Salento manager, – warm kind clever human being. Thank you for great club., have some thoughts to approach Vilnius police departments and schedule our brilliant dance systems both for men and women. Police officers work very hard, they need perfect relaxing fun time and dance with their female colleges. We all know it. And it is a fact

Nightgame practising Solo. AMT standing near old 2007 Toyota and will drive to Salento to dance solo

AMT is dancing solo at Salento who brings amazing dance floor lights outstanding music

To your powerful success on achieving anything You want in life!


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