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5 Same Day Lay Pickup Rules

If you will break one of these rules in approaching women during the day and night and trying make Same Day Lays or Same Night Lays, you will not make Same Day lay. These rules are discovered by Alpha Man Training by working in Pickup over 10 years 356 days a year , 24 hours a day,  7 days per week. These rules applies on cold approach pickup when you approach total strange girl and you see her for the first time. Girls around the world have same genes, so AMT systems work on any girl in this planet.

Same Day Lay Pickup Rule Number 1

You need to fuck her on the same day you pulled her to your apartment or you will never fuck her. Except you took off your cock and been action skin to skin. More about this we show on our infield in From Approach To Sex With 5 Different Girls v2

Same Day Lay Pickup Rule Number 2

Never represent yourself as weird not successful guy or you will never fuck her.  If you will represent yourself as a lonely guy who has no friends, lives on benefits, you not gonna fuck her. On our infield we show step by step what we talk and how we are not breaking this rule. More about this we show on our infield in From Approach To Sex With 5 Different Girls v2

Same Day Lay Pickup Rule Number 3

You cannot be more than 10 minutes at one place with her  or you will not fuck her. It applies everywhere you are in contact with her. In our new brand 2020 product we show how we maintain this rule. More about this we show on our infield in From Approach To Sex With 5 Different Girls v2

Same Day Lay Pickup Rule Number 4

If your first approach will be weak you will never fuck her. By approaching her, she puts you on one of these three categories: 1.)to fuck you 2.) she hesitates (later she gonna decide) This is risky and it is not the level of Social Ninja Alpha Man. Alpha Man operates just in first category, 3.) not to fuck you. On our DVD we show what appearance and what kind of approach you need to do that she instantly would put you in first category: to fuck you.

Same Day Lay Pickup Rule Number 5

If you will not fuck her at least two times for minimum 10 minutes she will not come back. How we fuck a girl and how to fuck her in order to make her come back to you, whenever you want, we show on our new 2020 brand new infield  From Approach To Sex With 5 Different Girls v2 

In the picture below Alpha Man Training applied all Same Day Rules and made Same Day Lay with this amazing total 10 blonde in the picture below. We have more than 5 rules. We could not reveal here how many of those Same Day Lay Rules really are.

We have approached her during the day and pulled to apartments. As you see she has amazing 10 point booty, face. She looks very beautiful. Just tits are not very big but it is not the big problem or criteria which drops her ratio.

Just imagine when you will apply all rules we teach in our products and training, you will copy and install into you our behavior, what kind of hotties you will start to pull. Just imagine for a moment. Look at the picture below and imagine who you will become after 1 year or we should say the time when you will understand everything what we train in our products and will install that knowledge and make as habits into you. You will need to use that new knowledge 21 days until it will become your new habit.

And just imagine what will happen if we would set up low prices on our products. Lot of men will start to become Alpha Men – Social Ninjas and it will be lot of competitors to you and situation by itself will create lot of problems for all of us.

In the picture below you could see how Alpha Man Training Coach applies AMT Systems. Girl is on her knees and AMT is taking control over her mind. Same we will teach you and will care for you on skype if you will not understand something. SYSTEMS are not very hard to learn. AMT systems requires patience, sit down at computer, study, install into your mind, apply at the approaching.

If you just read our free articles and watch free YouTube videos you just get 5 % of knowledge . Other 95 % of knowledge, which is necessary for learning how to seduce women, we show in our products and training.

In the last below picture you could see what kind of connection Alpha Man Training developed with this 10s beautiful blonde. Lot of girls will want to create family with you. You will become an Alpha Man.

Do not afraid, invest. Save your time, not money. You are getting older and older. You are loosing your time. You will earn money, but you will not earn time. Everything you can buy in the world, just one thing you can not buy –  it is TIME.

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