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From Approach To Sex With 5 Different Girls v2

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From Approach To Sex With 5 Different Girls Version 2


Girl 1 (Duration 2 Hours 23 minutes)

How To Approach a Girl in Public
Transport and seduce her. Everything from Approach to Sex, hidden infield

Skills you will gain:

  • What opener to use in order to make Same Day Lay with her
  • What conversation topics to use in order to seduce her
  • What to talk in order to project that you an Alpha Man
  • How to make her open herself in conversation
  • How to ask her out on the date
  • What to talk on the date
  • How to represent yourself to her on the date. What job you are working, what is your career in order to seduce her fast on the same day
  • What stories tell to her in order to make her feel that she knows you for long time
  • Alpha Male dress code on the date to turn her on fast
  • New manipulation techniques to take her home on the same day
  • What to order in restaurant
  • What to do if she wants to pay you in restaurant
  • How to show Alpha Man attitude sitting and talking in restaurant
  • How to begin to touch her even if she knows you just today (I was pulling her to home and touching her. You will see everything on infield video)
  • How to escalate on the date
  • How to manipulate her to go to your apartment
  • What TV episodes to play at your place in order to make her feel relaxed quickly
  • What stories tell to her if you already talked to her for 1 hour
  • How to escalate in apartments
  • How to remove her clothes
  • How to make your dick hard
  • Where to touch her
  • How to have sex


Girl 2 (Duration 45 minutes)

How To be pushy Alpha Man who will remove virginity to any girl. Girl 2 was having a boyfriend for two years. This guy could not have sex with her in two years. I removed her virginity on the first meet. Same I will train you as-well. I will make you total Alpha Man

Skills you will gain:

  • What to do if a girl says: “No I can’t do this”
  • What to do if a girl says: “No, I need to go home”
  • What to do if a girl says: “Look, my bus is coming I need to go”
  • How to not put up with women’s bullshit excuses and lay them on the same day. You will see my behavior, will copy it and will get same results.
  • How to overcome girl’s resistance for sex
  • What to do if a girl says: “I am not having sex with you without condom” but you want sex without condom because it is much more pleasant
  • How to finger a very resistant girl that she will forget any resistance and will have sex with you
  • How to spank a girl. Turning on systems. You will see me doing this and will learn
  • How to be Alpha Man in bed and push girl for sex
  • What to do if a girl says: “I feel pain, I cannot do it”; “It is painful for me, No”. Knowing this AMT System will save you lot of nerves and time, because if you will not know how to behave a girl will stop escalating and you will not get laid.
  • When to give her a kiss and warmness in bed. How to use her want for love in your advantage. After this technique you will control situation.
  • How to have sex with her multiple time a night


Girl 3 (Duration 1 hour 3 minutes)

What to suggest to do to a girl that she would come straight to your apartment. Amazing system

Skills you will gain:

  • How to set up frame men to woman straight from beginning. You will see how I touch and lead her. I never been friend zoned, same thing I will train you, so you will never be friend zoned
  • How to kiss her instantly and do not wait the end of meeting. You will see how I unexpectedly kiss her. You will see how she reacts. Amazing infield.
  • How to be the one who is leading all the interaction and do not let woman to dominate you
  • What to do with a girl at home that she would be excited. First time you pull a girl and you do not know what to do with her. AMT system will work for any age and any status man.
  • Powerful Alpha Man body language and leading at apartments
  • What to say to a girl that she would feel safe with you first time being at your apartments
  • How to train a girl how to dance at your place. You will see how I train her and you also will learn it
  • How to turn her on for sex
  • How to take control over her mind


Girl 4 (Duration 1 hour 41 minutes)

How to approach a girl in shopping mall and seduce her to meet you on the same day. You will see how AMT Coach approaches a girl in shopping mall, exchanges contacts and later on he calls her being at home. She do not want to meet, but somehow she agrees. You will see and will learn.

Once they meet, you will see the whole plan how to take her home

Skills you will gain:

  • How to recognize girls who will get laid with you
  • How to pass her shit tests
  • How to manipulate women’s emotions
  • Amazing phone talking skills to convince her to meet you on the same day
  • Self-care routine. You will gain all knowledge how AMT Coach has amazing hygiene
  • Which topics talk with a girl to make her feel trust in you quickly and get laid with you more easy
  • How to overcome shyness and thinking that your life is not interesting to a girl
  • 5 Stories from your life which you need to tell in order to get laid
  • How to make a girl open to you and make her feel soul mate connection to you
  • How to get laid with virgin girl who is very shy, does not know what to do in bed
  • How to set up relationship with a girl and meet her next time
  • When to remove virginity


Girl 4 – removing her virginity (Duration 42 minutes)

You will see how carefully AMT Coach is removing her virginity. To become Real Alpha Man it is important to become sensitive with women and because of that make them fall in love with you.

Skills you will gain:

  • Which body parts to touch to arouse her
  • How to prepare her for losing virginity
  • How to make laid back atmosphere for sex
  • How to overcome her last minute resistance for sex
  • What to do if her pussy is so tight and you even can not enter
  • How to relax her and make horny for sex
  • How to install that you Real Alpha Man in her mind and make her legs open to you


Girl 5 (Duration 51 minutes)

I met Sandra in the bus. She was after work, I was after gym.
She said she is working in the theater. On Friday she texted first:
“So when gym guy wants to see a movie?” After this message I
arranged to meet at bus stop 7 minutes away from my home.
And she came. We went straight to my place and in living room
We will drink tea and I will pull to bed. You will see all the infield and you will become Real Alpha Man


Skills you will gain:

  • How to save your time and pull a girl instantly to your home by skipping restaurants and other activities outside your home
  • How to set up fuck buddy relationship. What to talk, what to not talk
  • How to become best guy for her sexual world and give her amazing pleasure
  • How to not cum fast
  • What positions use in sex
  • How to kiss her during the sex
  • How to touch her during the sex
  • How to have sex with with her that she would come next time to you


MY Nick name is Dancer. MY CLIENTS ARE BEST Seducers IN THE WORLD. THEY ARE TOTAL  EXPERTS WITH WOMEN. Over 7 years I approached more than 40000 women and 30000 men. Men around the world hire me travel to their countries and train them Same Day Lays and Same Night Lays. Those men save lot of time dating girls, spending money on them and so on. They get free and easy sex. Moreover they develop relationships with those girls. LOT OF CLIENTS SAY THAT AMT IS BEST SYSTEM, BECAUSE IT AFTER AMT YOU DRESS REALLY WELL, DANCE, MANIPULATE, DO NOT AFRAID TALK TO MEN, YOU KNOW HOW TO KICK THEM OUT, HOW TO MANIPULATE WOMEN, HOW EASILY AND FAST TURN THEM ON IN APARTMENTS, HOW TO BE VERY DOMINANT IN BED.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Faces will be blurred?


Why faces are strongly blurred in photos?

Because of privacy and law.

Do you actually show us video proof of you having sex with the girls you pickup, or is it just getting numbers and dates?

I show how I get laid. From approach to sex. The goal of this DVD is to train you how to do it. After you will watch this DVD, we will talk on Skype, and we will see, did you understand. I will ask questions to make sure, that you have a plan from approach to sex.
Basically you risk is zero. I will not let you be unsatisfied with my product. We will talk on Skype till you will be satisfied. I work in pickup field 24/7, 365.

I just want to make sure the program is in English?

All program is in English. You will see how these girls are getting fucked. Will be five different girls who I fucked. It is enough to understand techniques.

What length of this program is?

~8 hours.

Will you ship this DVD to my country?

No. After Payment, system will automatically unlock those videos on your account. You will watch them online. You can watch them with slow internet.

How I will get those videos?

After payment you will login to with your username and password. You will click my products, scroll down to this product and will click red button to watch videos.

Can I get those videos for free in torrents?

Those videos are forbidden to be in torrents. Our clients accept this responsibility:

If you will send videos to your computer, you agree to pay 1000000$ for If you show those videos to your friend or other person you agree to pay 1000000$ for Once you will break copyright of AMT we will BAN you from our client list and write you a claim. Your friends will not value free thing. They must pay in order to change. Give them link of our website and protect this product from other people.

Our clients are not stupid and they will not create problems for themselves.

“From Approach To Sex With 5 Different Girls v2”

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