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Alpha Man Training Odessa Ukraine

Daygame Nightgame Girls Odessa UkraineAlpha Man Training Odessa Ukraine – for men who wanna to learn how to pick-up girls in Ukraine, Odessa. We will train you cold approach pick-up. You will learn from approach to sex with complete strange girls.

You will approach hot girls on the beach, on the streets, in shopping malls, in night clubs.

We will go to night game and day game and will fuck most beautiful girls.

Place: Odessa, Ukraine
Date: 2016 August. Exact day you will get over the Skype
Time: 3-5 hours per day
Days: 10 days
Price: over the Skype
Spot: 4 spots

Who I am?

My name is Dancer. I am known as international star on training men how to manipulate and bang girls on the same day. Back in 2015 I was hired by multi-millionaire in United States to fly and train him how to make Same Day and Same Night Lays. The project was successful. In two months and 10 days we banged 8 different girls and more than one time. We filmed lot of sex scenes. Client was very proud about results and now he is banging girls on the same day. We have created Same Day Bang DVD.

Why Odessa, Ukraine?

Girls are nice and easy to manipulate if you understand our AMT system. I wanna train you:

  1. How to approach girls in Odessa, Ukraine
  2. How to attract girls in Odessa, Ukraine
  3. How to manipulate and lay them on the same Day
  4. How to give multiple orgasms and make them come back

Who you will become?

After Alpha Man Training in Odessa, Ukraine you will have knowledge how to pull girls on the same day and provide them amazing sex. You will become Approach Machine. You will not afraid of anything. You will go and beat everyone who will stand against your path. Girls will love your level of confidence.


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