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Same Day Bang DVD – very tricky manipulating system how to trick girls and later explain that it was a joke. It designed for today’s society where girls are obsessed with their work and career. Girls will come to your apartments, you will turn them for sex by using Same Day Bang System, will get laid and later will explain that it was a joke.


American client hired me to fly to United States and discover him a system How To make Same Day Lays and Same Night Lays. We call it SAME DAY BANGS. Project took 2 months and 10 days. WE INVESTED 20000$ (24 hours per day 2 months 10 days).

A project was successful. I banged 8 different girls in two months. Lot of of them I was meeting and fucking how I want. One American girl wanted to marry me!!! But I rejected her.


MY Nick name is Dancer. MY CLIENTS ARE BEST Seducers IN THE WORLD. THEY ARE TOTAL  EXPERTS WITH WOMEN. Over 7 years I approached more than 40000 women and 30000 men. Men around the world hire me travel to their countries and train them Same Day Lays and Same Night Lays. Those men save lot of time dating girls, spending money on them and so on. They get free and easy sex. Moreover they develop relationships with those girls. LOT OF CLIENTS SAY THAT AMT IS BEST SYSTEM, BECAUSE IT AFTER AMT YOU DRESS REALLY WELL, DANCE, MANIPULATE, DO NOT AFRAID TALK TO MEN, YOU KNOW HOW TO KICK THEM OUT, HOW TO MANIPULATE WOMEN, HOW EASILY AND FAST TURN THEM ON IN APARTMENTS, HOW TO BE VERY DOMINANT IN BED.


1 DVD (Duration 2 hours 3 minutes)


Same Day Lay Full Uncut DVD with 10s Blonde. You will learn all my techniques what I used in order to pull her back to my place. What I said to her, How I have seduced her and so on. Advanced stuff. NO ONE OTHER AUTHORS HAVE IT.


  • How to Recognize Same Day Lay girls
  • How to Find out her goal and align your pulling strategy
  • How to not run out of things to say talking to 10s hot blonde
  • How to pull her back to your apartment
  • How to turn her on that she will want to come back
  • How to fuck her well in order to meet her again

All sex scenes are filmed to show you how Alpha Male should please a girl in bed.

Preview video of Same Day Lay with 10s USA Blondeclick here

2 DVD (Duration 43min)


I have seduced a girl from Salvador come to my apartments. Later I said her that it was a joke. Her ass was just incredible!!! YOU WILL SEDUCE ANY GIRL YOU WANT COME TO YOUR APARTMENT!!!


  • How to work with Ads in orders to seduce girls that they will come to your apartment
  • What ads post to your local ads sites in order to make those girls come to your apartments
  • How to be very confident around those hot girls
  • How to pull her back to your apartment
  • How to pass her last minute resistance for sex
  • How to use dirty talk in order to make her crave for having sex with you. It is Educational video.
  • What to say after you make Same Day Bang in order to make her come back for more and save your karma.

All sex scenes are filmed to show you how Alpha Male should fuck a girl.

3 DVD (Duration 47min)


OMG!!! THIS COLOMBIAN GIRL WAS TOTAL 10. SO ROUND ASS AND SO SEXY!!! She also came to my apartment. I have seduced her, later explained that it was joke and now I am still having sex with her every day!!!


  • How to turn her from cold, not wanting sex, to hot craving for sex. This girl came with problems and totally did not want sex. But I turned her on and she craved for sex.
  • How to be dominant Alpha Male and project masculine energy towards her
  • How to dominate her back in your apartments
  • How to remove her clothes by controlling her mind
  • How to seduce her that she will suck your cock. Advanced stuff for Alpha Males
  • How to finger her pussy that she will scream all around the room and neighbors will hear it
  • What say after you make Same Day Bang in order to make her come back for more sex

4 DVD (Duration 1 hour 27 min)

SAME DAY BANG WITH 27 years old gym girl

We drove to bus stop which is located close to this shopping mall where we are meeting. We see this girl with lazer eye contact looking to us. We turned away our look, turned it back, and she is still looking with lazer eye contact to us. We turned our camera on and approached her. And fucked in 40 minutes. Amazing systems

Same Day Lay With 27 Years Old Gym Girl Approaching at bus stop

Same Day Lay With 27 Years Old Gym Girl Using AMT systems to pull for sex

Same Day Lay With 27 Years Old Gym Girl AMT Systems to turn her On for sex

Same Day Lay With 27 Years Old Gym Girl Taking control Over her mind

Same Day Lay With 27 Years Old Gym Girl Developing connection


  • What opener to you when girl is looking to you with lazer eye contact
  • How to become dominant strong alpha male who receives lazer eye contact from girls in public
  • How to never run our of things to say once you open her
  • What topics to open in order turn her on go with you to your apartment
  • How to seduce her that she will want you to lick her ass. Advanced stuff for alpha males
  • How to lick her pussy that she will scream all around the room and neighbors will hear it
  • How to fuck her so well that neighbors would hear and she will come back to you and will want long-term relationship

5 DVD (Duration 23min)

Same Day Bang System. I am explaining you step by step how to trick those girls and later explain them that it was joke.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Faces will be blurred?

No, except girls` faces. Face of Alpha Male (Dancer) will be not blurred so you will be able to learn all his behavior and traits in order to drive women crazy. For girls faces will be small blur, you will not identify their face, but still will see all their reactions.

Why faces are strongly blurred in intro videos?

Because of privacy and law.

Do you actually show us video proof of you having sex with the girls you pickup, or is it just getting numbers and dates?

I show how I get laid. From approach to sex. The goal of this DVD is to train you how to do it. After you will watch this DVD, we will talk on Skype, and we will see, did you understand. I will ask questions to make sure, that you have a plan from approach to sex.
Basically you risk is zero. I have no bad feedback on google over 6 years. I will not let you be unsatisfied with my product. We will talk on Skype till you will be satisfied. I work in pickup field 24/7, 365.

I just want to make sure the program is in English?

All program is in English. You will see how these girls are getting fucked. Will be five different girls who I fucked. It is enough to understand techniques.

What length of this program is?

~8 hours.

Will you ship this DVD to my country?

No. After Payment, system will automatically unlock those videos on your account. You will watch them online. You can watch them with slow internet.

How I will get those videos?

After payment you will login to with your username and password. You will click my products and watch all these videos.

Can I get those videos for free in torrents?

Those videos are forbidden to be in torrents. Our clients accept this responsibility:

If you will send videos to your computer, you agree to pay 1000000$ for If you show those videos to your friend or other person you agree to pay 1000000$ for Once you will break copyright of AMT we will BAN you from our client list and write you a claim. Your friends will not value free thing. They must pay in order to change. Give them link of our website and protect this product from other people.

Our clients are not stupid and they will not create problems for themselves.


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