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Alpha Man Training Shocking Infield Part 8

AMT student is playing a song for girls and will use AMT techniques to fuck them. AMT coach is giving lecture on how to approach a girl in public and take her to relationship. AMT coach is going to take girl home.

AMT student approached this girl on the street and took home. AMT coach is training dancing-seduction techniques. Another AMT student from zero learned how to dance and seduce girls in clubs. He learned dancing techniques from this DVD and showed to AMT coach to make sure he is doing right.

Another short 5’5 client of AMT learned how to dance in seductive way.

I just like to buy a tea for woman. It is my personal way to act. I am not connecting that with trying to buy a woman” – guy who joined AMT meetings in the past is saying.

AMT: “Men, if you do not speak Russian, you still can approach and attract them. I did not know Russian and I went to Sochi (Russia). I used dance techniques and pick up Russian girl and have seduced her.”

How to touch a woman when you stand in behind.

AMT coach consults another man on how to seduce woman.

AMT student approached Russian girl in London and have seduced her.

AMT: “Are you normal girl? You will not call me? yes?”, sexy girl: “No, I never call to a man”.

AMT: “one time happened for me I gave my number and a girl texted me a lot, called, was very irritating and I needed to find how to block her number. Do you know how to block girl’s number?”, sexy girl: “No I do not :))”

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