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Night Game program “How to dance with a woman”

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Product Description

How to dance with a woman at a club and seduce her. Pick-up dance techniques that will make you number 1 in club. You will go to night club, will dance with a girl, will turn her on for sex, will isolate and will have sex with her.

DVD program “How to Dance with a Woman” will also help you to understand females` mindset.


1 DVD Pick-up Dance Moves and Techniques (Duration 45min)

  • How to spin a girl. How to keep a hand correctly. After learning this all girls will want to dance with you, because you will not hurt them and you will lead well.
  • Basic dance steps for club game. AlphaManTraining shows steps you need in order to control a girl on dancing.
  • How to spin a girl 2x,3x,4x,5x times. Amazing technique! From outside you will like a pro!
  • How to spin a girl in the line. This technique will let you easily isolate a girl from her group. Great for seduction!
  • How to dip a girl down. This technique will drive women crazy. Easy and sexual. Perfect for night club, co-workers party, weddings and so on, where is club or pop music. You will use these techniques everywhere!
  • Advanced spinning techniques. How to spin a girl powerfully. After it you will spin a girl best all over the club.
  • How to spin a girl with both hands. After you will learn how to spin a girl with one hand, the second part will be to learn how to spin with both hands.
  • How to lead a girl with two hands while you dance with her. Simple and amazing techniques which perfect suits for clubs.
  • Front Dip down technique. Very beautiful and very sexy. Girls love it!


2 DVD Lift up and kiss close techniques (Duration 33min)

  • AlphaManTraining dances with a girl and shows all five lift up techniques. A girl gets lots of emotions. These techniques are crazy for night game.
  • Five amazing  lift up techniques for club. You will lift up your women like Real Alpha Man.
  • Advanced seduction techniques for night club. Alpha Man mindset.
  • Advanced technique: how to isolate a girl away from her friends.
  • Brilliant and powerful Four kiss close techniques. All girls will want sex with you after that!


3 DVD Lift up and kiss close techniques (Duration 36min)

  • How to have unshakable confidence on the dance floor
  • How Alpha Man touch a girl while he dances with her
  • How to control a girl on the dance-floor.  Girl`s parts of body which you use to control her.
  • Kiss close techniques for night game.


4 DVD Same Night Lay – REAL Infield Example (Duration 43min)

  • AlphaManTraining approached a girl on the dance-floor. It was about 2 am. He used dancing, touching, leading and kissing techniques to make her horny and he pulled her out from club to car. In the car he had sex with this amazing sexy blonde. Everything is filmed with camera. So you will understand everything he did. Image what power you will have after you will learn these techniques from DVD!!

5 DVD Player Mindset and Solo Dancing Moves (Duration 41min)

  • Player outfit. AlphaManTraining shows what cloths he uses to attract girls in a club.
  • Advanced Player`s strategies in a club ir make a girl addicted to you. A girl will choose YOU along other males. AlphaManTraining tells his best discovered techniques in a club.
  • Solo Male moves to attract females` attention. It means, after you will learn these moves, you will go to the center of the dance-floor and you will attract hottest girls.

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Faces will be blurred?

No, all faces will be not blurred and you will understand everything from a program and you will learn how to dance and seduce a girl.

Why faces are blurred in intro videos?

Because of privacy.

Do I really need this program?

Yes, because you need to improve your dancing and seductions skills on the dance-floor. IF YOU ARE NOT NUMBER 1 IN CLUB, YOU NEED IT.

If i did not dance at all, will I learn these techniques?

Absolutely. We trained lot of guys who never danced at all. All they were successful, because this dancing system is really simple. Society wants you to tell that dancing is something hard. They want to make a space between you and a girl and sell all shit to you. We say: “DANCING IS EASY. ALL MEN CAN LEARN IT”

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