Being Leader of your country share females with other leader of another country to not get revenge in future - post7534

Being Leader of your country share females with other leader of another country to not get revenge in future

Excellent Mid-size budgeting company employer with great understanding and doing what he can the best skills came to us and we talked about why actually wars are hold on in the world. The answer is because of females.

Thank you
Did you see my question about clothes on or off when Charlotte milf pushed her hips out????

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I bet that’s when you started to take her clothes off isn’t it?

Or maybe licking her pussy…
yeah saw
Yes exactly, first we asked to lift up hips and slowly we started to take her pants
it is so exiting
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Hell yeah. Was she really excited at that point????
To see her ass coming out of pants and that juicy pussy
She was silent, knew where it goes
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Her pussy was juicy???? Like really wet?
Yeah amazing white lingerie, pussy smell, was amazing to lick her pussy, to start slowly and tease her, drive her crazy and not give sex

you know some games lol
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Did she cum from you licking her??

Or did you not go that far while licking??
yeah and did not want sex after that, but layed back on bed for 10-15 minutes and we started amazing sex. Came quikcly, said to her: “We will cum quickly and later will fuck the shit out from you”, she replied: “okay”, and we came, relaxed 15 minutes and when gave pure 30 minutes hot sex, totally dominated her. She screamed but we did not stop. Next day she walked with pain in her pussy!!!
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Sex is great thing to lift up mood
so her mood lifted up
Also ours
we felt amazing
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I REALLY hope you find infield of her from dancing to hips push out to pants remove to pussy lick to sex to 30 minutes sex again! I would love to see it all!!!!
Being 5000 miles away from Baltics and having such great time
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Do you remember her name??

It’s been awhile but just curious lol
Unfortunately no
Maybe will find on infields
But we are not promising you, we will do our best
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After fucking the shit out of her for 30 minutes, did she stick around and talk or did she just leave?

I understand. Do your best please!
We do not remember
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To find it hehe

Sounds like the hottest sex she ever had Lololol
KRK lets sing!
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I bet you can seduce Laura in very similar way!
Laura your neighbor ?
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We will do our best to build great relationship with Lithuania Police, Dallas Police will be in contact with them, will read some case law so not to break their rights and US Customs and borders will let us enter US, We do not want to be pressed with 3 months Visa, it just makes us feel bad, pressuring, we do not know how much time we will need to coach and change, it is lifetime coaching, we need lifetime visa. Also our student is pressuring with that visa and it stresses us out. We want do training being relaxed ;). Not happy student with pressured training can write comment, complains against AMT, why we need this? We do not need. We need lifetime visa to any country around the globe. If he/she will not set up us lifetime visa, strongest power structure inside the country having lot of tools – Police, STT, FNTT will come to his/she residence and will remove his/she arrogance, disregard for people, desire to live as luxuriously as possible at the expense of others. If he/she will not change their mindset, Police, STT, FNTT with AMT and Courts – Male Judges and sexy female Judges – those strongest structures will put her/she to jail. And when we will see how much she/he putted love into learning from our Online Boxing and Nutrition Coach product
Dallas females rights
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She would look so hot pushing her hips out and removing pants!
Females around the world cannot hold their pussies to not be wet when alpha men are around them
Biden is not exchanging females with Putin, so what is what we have now
Where is no other way
Because of females wars are hold on
Biden is not having parties with Putin, it is not a way. Trump loves parties!!!!!
How was your day? What you did?
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Boring day. Not much going on at work
It is sad when people do not understand history that Russia was attacked by Mongols and all burned, just one city left and they gave up. Biden should understand that, fly to Putin and from all heart support and understand, feel him and empathize with him. And when party! Exchange so party women, who love to party and are very sexual. It is easy. Relationship between EAST and WEST would increase dramatically.
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lol yeah
This rockets exchanging with will lead to more and more sadness. It is not a way. We hope that Trump will come to power or Biden will change his mindset. Maybe strongest power structure inside Washington DC – Washington DC Police can teach him ? 😉 If they will not change their mindsets, it can be possible, that AMT will fill up complaints with strongest law-enforcement structures Ukraine Police and Washington DC Police structures to teach those two gentlemen mindset thru the jail and alpha males inside the jail.

We are tired of this not be able to get along Biden with Putin, Zalensky not be able get along with Putin. You cannot change males genes. Write everybody down.
We feel that Trump in some way understands and feels it
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22:42, A
Please continue to look for infield when you have time.

As far as coming to Dallas, I’m not ready to make that jump yet, but we can revisit in a few months. I am sorry but I still need to get comfortable with the idea.
Thank you for the gym infield of Heather. Was really good!!

Infields to look for reminder:
-Charlotte shopping milf dancing, hips pushed out, full seduction & fucking
-Red Top
-Yoga Bitch
-Charlotte Church girl
-Awesome USA Female milf
18:52, Tre

Did you see my message from yesterday? I hope you’re not disappointed. I just need to get comfortable with the idea. In the meantime, I like seeing infields as usual!
21:02, Tre
Hello, yes we got your messages. Okay, it will not happen fast, it takes time. Small step after small step.
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Exactly. Thank you for understanding

For infields, hopefully my list will cast a wider net—but Charlotte shopping milf is my favorite!!!
22:44, Tre

Describe her pussy please!!!

23:50, Tre

And did she have multiple orgasms during the 30 minute hot session??

We will continue this great talking with our follower! But next time!


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