Daygame Infield Same Day Lay – From Starbucks to Bed in 1Hour PART 2 - post3426

Daygame Infield Same Day Lay – From Starbucks to Bed in 1Hour PART 2

I continue my story about Daygame Infield Same Day Lay – From Starbucks to Bed in 1 Hour. I closed windows louver to make her feel more comfortable in bedroom and I left. She started to put those sexy white stockings on her legs.

Same day lay from daygame infield pick up 1

When she putted on her legs those sexy white stockings she looked perfect 10. She was my type totally. As my mother is blonde and I have great relationship with her, I am searching similar girlfriend like my mom.

Lets get back to American 10 blonde.  I was just imagining how her ass will look like then I will remove slowly her those tight shorts. I bended her over the bed and slowly removed her white shorts. The view of her pussy and ass was just incredible! She was very tanned, and that butt was big enough to have comfortable wild sex. That butt was so round and sexy!!!

Daygame Infield Same Day Lay - How To get laid with American 10`s blonde 6

Same day lay from daygame infield pick up 2

Same day lay from daygame infield pick up 3

All my travel to USA, all my spent time by shooting lot of girls, analyzing those videos and making bottom lines about girls` behaviors and how to make same day lays and night lays TURNED to INCREDIBLE results. I was so satisfy with AMT SYSTEM how to pull girls home on the same day, that it motivated me for all my left life. I said to my-self. I will never stop, I will never give up, MY SELF-CONFIDENCE IS ON THE HIGHEST LEVEL I AM TOTAL ALPHA MALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GO THRU EVERYTHING!! I DO NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING!!! I SUCCEED IN MY MIND!! I SUCCEED IN REALITY! I CAN COACH ANY GUY HOW TO CONTROL THIS AMERICAN REALITY WITH GIRLS AND TURN IT TO AMAZING RESULTS!

The main my job here was to please her in bed that she will come back for more. American 10 blonde said to me then I was playing with her clitoris.

-“I wanna cum. It will take time for me to come in this way” – I was very surprised by how she is open to talk about those things. For example in Europe girls are more shy. They expect all leading in bed from man and they do not talk usually. American girls are different.

I started to fuck her. I was fucking her in missionary position.  She started to moan and said:

-“It feels so good!”

Same Day Lay from Daygame fucking a girl


I was focused on giving her pleasure. I know lot of techniques how to not cum fast. That is very important part of Alpha Man Training. Because her boyfriend did not please her properly in bad. Ask yourself:

-“If boyfriend would please her well in bed, will she do Same Day Lay with random Alpha Male?” – No. Because she would has Alpha Male in her relationship. But once her boyfriend is Beta Male she is attracted to REAL CONFIDENT ALPHA MALE. YOU CAN BECOME ALPHA MALE AS-WELL!!!!!!!

I bounced her to next room and fucked her in doggy-style. Then she spread-ed her ass out it looked simply fantastic. Tanned blonde, perfectly 10`a real American girl. Yeah baby!!

Same day lay from daygame infield pick up 6

Same day lay from daygame infield pick up 5

I spread my sperm over her ass!!! It is not enough… I needed to make her cum. I started masturbate her clitoris and she started to moan more and more. In 5 minutes she was moaning over the all place. I said to her:
-“Maybe my neighbors listening and watching thru windows how we having love” – she turned on more. Because in that other room louver of windows were not closed. And she cum. Her hips and ass were shacking. She experienced good pleasure. I did not give her everything. I left something for the next time…

All in all this Same Day Lay was an amazing experience. It expanded my reality. My game went to next level. I noticed also when I coached my client Same Day Lays I became better. Old saying: if you want lift up yourself, lift up someone else.


5 Responses to Daygame Infield Same Day Lay – From Starbucks to Bed in 1Hour PART 2

  1. tanya hayduk says:

    no audio for this??

  2. Florian says:

    Would be so awesome if you show more sex scenes in your new posts on this site here. You now like the doggy style scene in the video from your How To Pull Girls in Clubs In-field Pick up Blog post. You are an inspiration, and true Alpha Male BOSS ;D

  3. Kalu says:

    Hey did you shoot the fucking videos as well. Then where is it? Please give me the link. This girl is hot. You are damn good. Cheers.

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