Daygame Infield Same Day Lay - From Starbucks to Bed in 1Hour - post3415

Daygame Infield Same Day Lay – From Starbucks to Bed in 1Hour

I was sitting in Starbucks. I was working with my stuff. Suddenly I saw white blonde probably American chick walking down the street. I quickly packaged my laptop and run off to approach her.  She was wearing white tight short shorts and white jacket.

Daygame Infield Same Day Lay - How To get laid with American 10`s blonde


In two minutes I made her feel interested about me and we together were going to find her car. She was up for job`s interview and had about 50 minutes. I was sharing my stories and being just natural confident Alpha Male. I was struggling with my English, but this is not indicator. Most important is Alpha Male mindset. If you have it you can get laid in any part of the word. For example I did Same Day Lay in Russia when I did not know Russian language. How I did? By using Alpha Male body language and mindset and my gold dancing techniques.

I said this American 10`s blonde:

-“I know very amazing place where we can drink great coffee. It is 5 minutes away from here with a car. Would you like to drive?” She said:

-“Yes, but we have just 20 minutes”

We jumped to her car and I said her an address where to drive. After 5 minutes we were at my apartment.

Daygame Infield Same Day Lay - How To get laid with American 10`s blonde 2

Her mind was occupied with a work. She needed go back for job`s interview. But on flip-side she did not want to lose me. So we approached my apartments.

I started to dance with her and turn her on.

Same Day Lay and One Night Stands Training dance with a girl
Unfortunately to unbutton her shorts and remove it I could not do it. Because she was thinking about that job and I decided to leave her horny. I whispered her some dirty pua lines and exchanged numbers. I knew that she will come back to me and will crave for sex. Because once girls feel Alpha Male and his dancing techniques, their pussies become wet.

After 30 minutes I receiver call from her. She said:

Daygame Infield Same Day Lay - how to talk to girls on phone

-“Hey, I am done with my jobs interview" - 10s American blonde said it to me over the phone. I said:

-“Great. Drive to my apartments and lets play a pool”

She drove to my place for “playing pool”. Before playing a pool I said to her:

-“If I win I can to with you what I want for 10 minutes. If you win, you can do with me what you want after pool” – I said to American 10`s girl.

She looked at me, smiled and said:

Daygame Infield Same Day Lay - playing pool with a girl

-“OK 🙂“. She was very good at playing pool. I was surprised. As she said:

-“I am good in all things what I do” – I thought ‘wow, what an American Bitch. But guess, are you good in bed’ – I was thinking. We hit all our balls. Just left 8th black ball. And I hit it. She lose.

I took her hand and pulled to apartment. In the apartment I said to her.

Daygame Infield Same Day Lay pulling to apartments



“Put those stockings on your legs”

Daygame Infield Same Day Lay putting stockings

Wait for Part 2. Probably tomorrow I will write it. This day was amazing to me. As in Charlotte today was very hot and girls were going with tight dresses, skirts and some of them were prepared for Same Day Lays. Have a good night. And Wait for Part 2. Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list.



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  1. Brian says:

    Can I also receive sex scenes through email?

  2. Bobsam79 says:

    Can you email me a sample content to help me make a decision. Blonde is very impressive!

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