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Fake PUA Bootcamp (Matt Artisan, RSD, Sasha, ABCs of Attraction, Love Systems..)1


Matt Artisan (The Attractive Man)

Matt Artisan of The Attractive Man is doing fake PUA bootcamps. There is no infield where Matt’s Artisan’s students makes from approach to sex, there is no videos where his students look Real Alpha Males who can pull girls home. The Attractive Man has no transformation videos where you can see how their students changed.

Matt Artisan is number’s collector. He just approach girls, say some lines which qualify girls and get flake number. Later those girls do not respond and flake on him. Where is real infield where Matt Artisan dates a girl or gets Same Day Lay? in 2017 a number is not a result. And Matt Artisan says that he can teach you how to be successful with girls. No. He can teach you how to be successful on collecting fake numbers.

He is doing total fake PUA Bootcamps. Even he published his face on CNN and no longer he is in secret. Just imagine what will be if you with him will approach clubs and bars. Will be minimum 5 guys who will recognize Matt Artisan and will want to make photos with him or will play some jokes.

Then average frustrated chump will see you with Matt Artisant, he will be 100 % sure that you are his student. He will tell to his friends and to girls in a club or bar. Your value will drop down and you will be not able to seduce those girls. You should be in secret if you wanna bang lot of girls. More over that average frustrated chump will approach a girl and will show who is Matt Artisan on google. He will destroy him in few seconds. Girl will see that she can be uploaded on YouTube and will leave Matt Artisan and You. Moreover she will tell her female friends about Matt Artisan and You. So you will destroy your reputation.

Even those chumps will try to find Matt’s Artisan’s video operator. Later they will say for administration that Matt Artisan is shooting videos without people’s permission. Matt Artisan no longer can do quality PUA Bootcamps. He just take money from not clever, not enough mature, stupid guys who believe that if instructor have been on CNN, he should be great. It is bullshit. Lot of people in bars and clubs will recognize Matt Artisan and it will be mission impossible for him to manipulate girls in order to bang them on the same day. In 2017 without manipulation techniques it is impossible to get Same Day Lays. After the Attractive Man Pua Bootcamps you will collect flake numbers in which girls will not respond. You will get good feeling after you will number close, but later you will understand that you got flake numbers you took wrong Fake The Attractive Man Daygayme PUA Bootcamp.

RSD (Real Social Dynamics)

RSD (Real Social Dynamics, Tyler (Owen Cook), Julien Blanc, Max (RSD Maximilian), Todd Valentine, Madison, Jlaix) doing fake PUA bootcamps because where is no infield where students get Same Day Lays or makes from approach to sex. To get a girl into taxi (cab) is not a result. She can reject you at the last moment back at your place.

RSD putting out videos where their some students get girls into cabs. It is better than Matt Artisan from The Attractive Man, but there is no infield how those students become confident, enough mature to control club’s reality and fuck girls. RSD too much concentrates how to open a girl and talk to her in a free from outcome way. Their students become clowns but not closers (men who are private and lay lot of girls. Men who make women do something on the same night or day).

Even more on the bootcamps they teach stupid exercises like “I am in your head!” and you should scream… Those stupid “exercises” do to move you closer to fuck girls and get same day lays. They make you a clown in front of lot of other chumps who attended free Tour. Average frustrated chumps come to free tour and believe that their life will change once they will see Tyler, Julien, Max and other instructors. RSD instructors massively published their face after feminists scandal and no longer can work in bars and clubs because here will be jealous guys who will browse them on their phones and will show for girls who they are and what is their agenda. They will destroy RSD instructor in seconds.

Where is RSD hotseat or bootcamp where they show everything from approach to sex? They just show how they approached, said some pickup lines, been free from outcome, amused themselves and girls, worked for 3 hours, been clowns and did not get laid. They are not proving how they fucking girls. They just show the beginning of approach. But it is zero in nowadays.

All game is how you isolate a girl, manipulate her to go with you and game her in your apartments, car, or any other place where you can lay her. RSD does not have such infield. RSD does not have strong system back in Apartments. Frustrated chumps believe that an opener and being a clown will get them girls. Even watching a Tyler standing in a bar will get them girls. But they just waste their time and money. Since 2005 where is no RSD infield where they students get Same Day Lays and become Social Ninjas.



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    not agree with you about Matt Artisan.

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