Fake PUA Bootcamp (Matt Artisan, RSD, Sasha, ABCs of Attraction, Love Systems..)2 - post4130

Fake PUA Bootcamp (Matt Artisan, RSD, Sasha, ABCs of Attraction, Love Systems..)2


In this photo Squatting Casanova is laughing and wants to destroy Julien and his student. Why this is happening? Because RSD Julien or other RSD instructor are too known. No longer they cannot work in quality way and fully concentrate on their students. Other guys play jokes about them and destroy their approaches. So you wanna be RSD student?Where is no infield with sex scenes. Chumps paid $3000 for Fake RSD PUA Bootcamp but never learned how to make from approach to sex.

They approached clubs and bars, been free from outcome, tried to use RSD clown techniques but never felt what is the feeling of being Total Social Ninja who is invisible, can pull girls out from clubs in 15 minutes and moreover OTHER PEOPLE CANNOT MANIPULATE SOCIAL NINJA, BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE INFORMATION ABOUT SOCIAL NINJA. Social Ninja is more than FBI Agent, RSD student is a clown who came to amuse girls in clubs. While RSD students try to amuse girls, Social Ninjas isolates and fuck those girls.

RSD (Real Social Dynamics) is publishing lot of information on internet. Because of these stupid not clever instructors like Tyler, Julien, Max, Madison, Jlaix pickup is no longer in secret. It is harder and harder to pull girls home.

Even they try to explain for girls in free tour that pickup is good thing. You do not need anything to explain for girls, you need use techniques on girls. Chumps try to use techniques on those girls after seminar but nothing works because those girls know their agenda. And when Chumps cannot believe: what Tyler said does not works…’But Tyler (Owen Cook) is a star! We should believe in him!’ He has so big beard! He is a “real man”! So many people attend free tour!” They attend because it is free. But Real Life Changing products are never free. RSD try to install impression into you that their seminars collect lot of people. While their collecting chumps into reputation running out free events, Social Ninjas pulling and fucking girls from clubs and streets. More over Social Ninjas are private and you cannot manipulate them.

Free tour will run out your reputation, once your boss, family, friends will see that you have been in RSD free tour. Then they will ask you lot of questions why did you attend. And of course they will play jokes about you that you cannot get girls. Girls in your environment will know that you wanna get them. This will move you backwards of getting girls. How many RSD products you have bought in the past? Lot of. How many girls you fuck now? Same as you did. Nothing changed. Nothing increased. You just wasted lot of your time and money.

You just try to be clown in bar or club. RSD publishing too much videos on Youtube. If it is a good product it does not need lot of videos. Just imagine how many guys will recognize RSD instructors in bars and clubs? Lot of. Those guys will want to make photos with RSD “stars”. So how you will learn from approach to sex? How you will bang girls? You will pay $3000 for fake RSD Bootcamp and you will be an photo maker who will make a photo of other guy and RSD instructor. Moreover other guys in club know that somewhere is an RSD operator with spy camera they will try to spot him and later will say for administration to kick him out.. Guys are jealous. They compete of girls. They will do anything to destroy you. If you will be approached a girl, other guy who is not known on google or Facebook will approach that girl and will say that you are student of RSD Bootcamp, even he will show videos from YouTube and girl will see that she can be filmed and she will run away from you and RSD instructor.



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