From Approach to Removing Virginity for 20 years Old Girl - post6359

From Approach to Removing Virginity for 20 years Old Girl

Welcome men to and in this video I would like share my story how I removed virginity from 20 years old girl, you know, that girls makes me happy , this story will help you out who are virgin and how to be confident around women and how to seduce them. From approach to removing virginity and creating long-term relationship.

So, how I met her. So I was at home. I came from United States. I was so tired to make lunch for me. I was driving to one shopping mall in Europe and I was buying lunch. So one time in that shopping mall I saw that girl. And you know, as my big experience, I approached now maybe 110000 women, I recognize how much hours I will need to spend to make from approach to sex with a girl. I saw that girl and she was wearing that yellow puffy jacket, red trousers. I got that feeling that I can seduce her on the same day.

I was motivated, I approached her. I do not remember what I said, I talked something and I initiated our first date on this same day. I met her on 2 pm so I initiated a date on 7 pm. I got her number. That first approach took around 6 minutes. I remember I was like taking her hand and seeing how she is dancing. She was so passive, she was listening what I am saying and more over she was humble to do that. She was really interested. That is what I seen. And she wanted to meet me. But also I felt she lacked of experience. So what happened?

I called her on 5 pm and asked: “Is everything ok? Are we meeting on 7pm?” And she said: “mmm I do not know. I already came back home and it is 15 miles away from where we met”, I said her: “You know, next day I am flying to Riga Latvia and I will be no longer here, and it is our last day to meet, so I want to see you before I am leaving for Riga.”

She said: “mm Okey”, I said: “we can meet at this bus stop” she said:“I know this bus station. Okey”, so she she jumped to bus and was at that bus station 7pm7minutes. When we met she said: “Maybe we just could go for a walk” – she suggested go for a walk instead of going to cafe. And here I made a mistake. You never can change your plans. When a girl will come to date, she probably will have her agenda, let’s do that, let’s do another one, but you need to keep up with your plan.

If you will not be in restaurant with her and you will pull instantly to your apartment she will fee like slut. She will feel: “oh a guy met me and instantly pulled me to his apartment and wants to fuck me”. She got me on that point, I started to walk with her, I feel still I can pull her, maybe I will work more at home, let’s see.

We were like directly going to my place. And she like: “so where we are going?”, I said like: “Straight”. So it was quite cold outside so I said her: “You now it is cold outside so let’s go to my place to drink tea”, I took her hand and started to lead. We went upstairs.

In apartment we sat down. I told her three stories from my life. How I was growing up, how my parents met each other and other things. And she also told her stories. And I pulled her to bedroom. And she like really started to block herself. When I was touching her legs, trying to remove her pants, she was really blocking herself.

I really felt that I cannot have sex with her on this day. So I will give her more time. So she went to corridor, dressed up I walked her to bus stop and she drove home.

Our second meet

So the next time we met maybe after 2 or 3 days. The date was really simple. I did not take her nowhere. She instantly drove to my place and interesting thing happened. She drove me potatoes, carrots, greens, very natural tea. She picked that tea from the ground, made that and brought to me. It was really amazing. It is very rare to find a girl who will do such thing from her heart. Who will bring such things from her hometown. I was really surprised. And I was feeling really happy. She gave me love and I was very happy.

I thought something is wrong with you – you cannot have sex with me, but you bringing such goods from you hometown. Potatoes are heavy and it is not easy for a girl to bring it even from her hometown. No one drove her. She was taking a bus. Walking by herself from bus station to trolley bus and when going to my apartment.

A date was simple, I picked up a movie and we watched it. That time I really grabbed her. She was on my bed, undressed her strongly, first time I lifted up her bra and I saw how huge her tits are!

I do not remember a girl which I had with such huge tits. At least her tits size are C or maybe D. Started to remove her pants. And she blocked her. Some thought popped up to my mind: why she is blocking herself. What is happening you know. And I am remembering my one wingman who had a girl and she was blocking herself because she was a virgin.

I asked myself: “My best friend who now has a wife from that city, and this wife also been a virgin when he met her, my girl is also from same city, as his wife, maybe she also a virgin?”

I asked her: “Are you a virgin?“, she answered: “Yes..”

Yes, she is a virgin. On that second date I got an information that she is a virgin and I understand how she feels. She said that with previous guys in her life she was connecting just thru mind to mind, but not body to body. She needed that connection. She had a boyfriend but they did not have any sex, they just were connecting mind to mind. And this girls is connected to nature – she likes forests so she is a little bit weird and I understood that I need to give her more time.

Our third meet

We were planing to meet on 7 pm or 8 pm I do not remember. I called her 30 minutes left and I said: “where are you?”. And I heard those sounds she is still at home. She is not on the way to my place. I said: “What are you doing? I putted all my work away in order to meet you. We arranged to meet at 8 pm and you still at home. Now is 7:30 pm. You not gonna come. This is not respectful. How you can develop relationship by doing this? You cannot. I do not need that kind of girlfriend. Everything is done. I do not need you. See you. Bye” – and I said that and I ended up a call. Also I wrote her a message: “please do not write me, do not call me. I do not need that kind of girlfriend”

She wrote me: “Oh what kind tone of voice. Oh you are angry so fast – and other things she wrote. I was without mood for maybe two days and she was also without mood. And I said to myself – I need to give her another chance. And the last one chance. I called her, I explained her everything. My tone of voice was good. I was quite on the mood. And we arranged to meet. And what happened? When we met I pulled her to bedroom and at that time I removed her panties. I was touching her pussy. It was winter. So she was wearing that underwear – spandex. So I was touching her pussy thru that spandex.

A pussy was full of blood. So juicy. I was making out with her but still she could not do sex. She was not ready.

Our fourth meet

And the 4th date she came to my place. We went to bedroom. She was like: “No we cannot do. No no no no no. I placed a towel under her ass. I know I removed some virginity from some girls so I know it could be blood. And quite a lot. You need to be careful because you will need to wash all sheets. I placed a towel and removed her panties. I tried to insert my cock. Her vagina was so tight that I could not do that. Somehow I did not want to finger her. I was looking to this girl not like porno girl, so did not want to finger, was looking to her like serious girl.

I wanted to make it very natural. I was really playing with her pussy and I inserted my cock. But I inserted maybe 60 percent of my penis to her vagina. Her vagina was so tight. I could not fully insert my penis. She was so tight, so stressed out. And at that moment I felt and thought: “finally I am in her vagina” and at that time I maybe inserted my80 percent of my cock to her pussy. I inserted 80 percent of length of my cock. Could not fuck her fully. Still.

Our fifth meet

And on 5th meet she came. I really relaxed her. Played music, movie. And same thing happened. I inserted 70 percent of my cock. I feel her pussy so tight. And when I played so much with her pussy, aroused her so much. She was lying on the side and I inserted fully my cock, finally. And was so really well. I fucked her so maybe 6 minutes. And when I came. And it was our first sex without pain. That the end of sex was without pain for her. She was really happy. I was really happy. Now we are dating. And it is story From Approach to Removing Virginity for 20 years Old Girl.

I removed virginity from girl who did not have any experience in sex. Was lot of pain. From approach, from meeting her in shopping mall to removing virginity. That is kind of interesting story.

The conclusion

In order to make those things you need:

1. to dress really well,

2. to look really nice,

3. you need to have personal coach who will look after you, a good personal coach, because a bad personal coach will install bad habits to you, unless maybe you will learn from him his best traits. For example if a coach knows night game really well – you learn night game from him and it is really good.

But if he is a messy person and you being around him you become also messy person – it is not good. So learn from coaches the best things what they have.

4. and also without a good mindset: how to approach women, how to behave, how to use tone of voice, I could not do that, without my dancing techniques, without my techniques to overcome last minute resistance I also could not do this.

Video of From Approach to Removing Virginity for 20 years Old Girl

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