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From Frustrated Chump to Social Ninja Part 1

I am 30 years old. I am in high position of government work. I have a girlfriend with whom already together for 4 years. But honestly, I so want the other girls. When I see an hot girl, having curved ass in see thru leggings, I so want to make from approach to sex. I wanna fuck her on the same day. But my position in government work, boss, relatives stops me from approaching her. Maybe they will see me and I will destroy my reputation and will lose my job.

I was searching dating advises what to do in this situation but nothing found. I have been in psychologist’s consultation. Unfortunately did not help. When I bought I think all others’ authors’ PUA products, took some PUA bootcamps. It helped me. But, just with approach anxiety. I needed something more, something more strong. When I discovered Alphamantraining.


I contacted with alpha man training and added them on skype. I understood that these guys have information which you will not find on google, youtube or anywhere out on internet. Because if all people will know those high manipulation techniques, we would get in trouble. All guys will start to use and soon girls will know about techniques.  That happened with Mystery method. Girls started recognize those openers, pick up lines and they started to reject guys. AMT said that I will need to sign agreement that I will not mislead or spread those techniques outside off training. It will be secret between me and alphamantraining. They explained how we will protect my and their reputation.

The beginning of Social Ninja Training

I was amazed how AMT is working. For me was created another name, surname, life-story in order to not run out reputation in my city. A girl, after you fuck her, she start to spread message about you to their friends. And if you will use your real name and surname, soon you will face with a problem that girls in your city start to reject you. You will need go to other city or other country. “In order to protect it, you need different name, surname, life story and change it after 20 girls you will fuck” – Said AMT.

Next they created a plan from approach to sex. How to open a girl, how to continue conversation, how to manipulate her and get her home, how to please her in bed, how to turn her on, how to make her addicted for sex…


AMT did not let me go to approach girls until I will be 100 % sure that I understood the system. System of getting girls in very solid and strong. Here I can say they use strong high manipulation and they do not break law. When I understood the system my level of confidence increased dramatically. I understood that AMT discovered something amazing that cannot be told in any PUA forum or anywhere out-there on internet. You just can compare: when RSD max try self-amusement, try to amuse a girl in a club, try to be free from outcome, works 3 hours to get a girl and finally in the end of the night girl rejects him, AMT approaches, dances, manipulates and in 15 minutes pulls to car. See the difference? RSD Max works 3 hours, gets rejected, AMT works 15 minutes and 100 % take girl home.

Buying clothes

AMT explained me what style women like men to wear. Why I need to change my clothing style. We went to shops, bought clothes.

Dance lessons

I really liked dance lessons. Alpha man training has their own solid dance instruction which you will use from opening a girl to dancing with her in a club. I have to say that my confidence increased dramatically once I finished learning dance techniques.

Part 2

Alpha Males

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