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From Frustrated Chump to Social Ninja Part 2 Sex with two Blondes


Friday Night

We jump to the car with AMT. Plan is created. We both know how to dance with girls. We look sharp. Our level of confidence is the highest. During infield we are both equal. We are both partners. AMT do not let to be a student during the practice. Here you will be equal partner who will work on different names, surnames and no one will understand what you did during infield pickup. This system protects your reputation 100 %. You will feel like working FBI agent who knows more than anyone else around you.

Very interesting thing what AMT trained is how to estimate how many time you will need to spend on that girl in order to fuck her. Now I can say in minutes how much time I will need to spend in order to seduce that girl. It saves lot of my valuable time and energy. You will become Social Ninja who sees humans’ agendas and can get work any social situation to his advantage.

This Friday we did not need drive to night clubs. We just drove 300 meters away from AMT studio and we saw two blondes in the bus stop. AMT stopped a car, I jumped out from car and played a victim. Two blondes approached me by themselves. AMT jumped out from car. Blondes by themselves jumped in the car. I was sitting in the front with AMT, and two blondes were sitting in the back.

In 3 minutes I said AMT to stop a car and play music louder. I jumped out from car took blonde from back seat and started to do something with her. She was screaming and cannot believe what is happening right now. She said: “I never did that with a guy in such place… OMG!!!“. AMT said me, do not show any emotional reaction to how techniques are working. I was sitting with my blonde in the back seat, drinking, fucking around. In 15 minutes we have been a little outside of city and in  I was placing condom on my penis and entering her pussy till her soul.

Those blondes will remember us in different names and surnames and will keep us in their hearts forever…

Part 3

Alpha Males

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