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From Gym To Shower – Same Day Bang Part 2

We dropped her car in the parking deck, she took her gym clothes and we went together  to the gym. I took my camera and started to shoot her sexy hot workout.

-“So where do I need to start?” – she asked me

-“Well, you just can go thru all machines and do exercises which you like” – I answered.

She started with leg-press machine.

-“I am doing good?” – She asked i a sexy humble way.

-“Well, you are gym girl and you need to prove me that you already worked out for 3 years and been trained by other males. I want to see your professional hot workout. Prove me that you are an amazing gym girl” – I answered

She just started to do those exercises in a sexy way. I was shooting her and I felt how other guys around me are envy about the fact that I can fully watch out her how she is working out in those tight pants.

After we did some exercises I suggested her to change pants into grey shorts. We went 1 floor up and she sexy in front of me removed her panties. Grey shorts were under the pants.

I pulled her to the next gym. Once we entered that gym I saw that here is no people. I looked to her and in my mind I was saying: “You just cannot imagine what will happen here and what I will do for you”.

-“What is in your mind” – she asked me

-“Some exercises we gonna do now” – I told her

-“Oh OK, that sounds great” – she said being excited.

-“What about squats with dumbbells?” – I asked

-“Sure!” – she agreed

She took two dumbbells and we went under the corner where people cannot see us. I started to give her guidance what to do. You guys cannot imagine what started to happen with her body! She started to breathe more deeply, her face became red, she turned on!

-“I know an amazing place where we can shower after the gym. Promise me that I can trust you, you will not do to me any sexual things OK? Because one time I went with one female to shower and once we entered shower she started to make out with me, grabbed my dick, I so turned off by her behavior! And just left off that shower! So I kind have a fear now! If you wanna do it to me, do it slowly and when we will know each other well. Does it work for you?” – I told her. She was listening with her big opened eyes and cannot understand how this guy can be scared by a woman.

-“It is OK, I promise you, I will not do anything bad for you!” – she agreed go to shower with me.

We went to shower and she in front of me started to remove her sexy tight grey gym shorts. And her bubble ass showed up. She looked full of blood in her muscles after the gym.

I removed my pants and my dick was hard and ready to hit her.

-“Do not look down, this is just friendly showering” – I said. And when she looked down and saw how my dick is hard and ready to enter her sweaty pussy after the gym.

-“OK! It just attracts kind of attention from me! But I am sorry If I looked to it!” – she was just thinking about being banged in the shower.

I said couple lines to remove that story which I told before about a girl who wanted have sex with me in the shower and made her ready to be banged. I putted body wash liquid on her tits and started to massage them. The more I was massaging them, the more she turned on.

I lifted her leg up and inserted my cock. She was standing with her back to wall, I lifted up her one leg, when another and she like jumped on my dick. I was keeping her legs and fucking her like Real Alpha Male. I was feeling powerful. Her all weight was on my hands and she was so enjoying by jumping on and back to my dick.

When I placed her like a doggy style. She placed her hands on the sit area in the shower and I lifted up her one leg and started to fuck her. It was so amazing to watch her ass, how my cock enters her wet, pink vagina. I fucked her from the back and when I turned her around and said:

-“Squats?” – I said

-“Yes! Let’s do that” – She started to squat with her ass on my dick. A view was incredible. Her juicy ass was hitting my cock more strongly and strongly until I came inside her.

As she was on the birth control I was not worried make her pregnant. But make sure you have this security talk before you do this. And always use condoms if you do not build enough connection to trust each other to have sex without a condom. Remember: be very careful about Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Because lot of girls can transmit you such diseases like Chlamydia (clap) or any other. I had a client who got Chlamydia from a girl and to heal from that he needed to pay $2000 (check for all STD, doctors appointments, pills, lost two weeks, he lost his productivity for two weeks while healing up). So be careful because it can cost lot of health and money for you.

After this Same Day Bang my confidence increased dramatically. One more time I saw how women like and love sex more than we men. How for them is hard to not think about sex once you turn them on. I once again felt power of Social Ninja and Alpha Male Traits.

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