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From Gym To Shower – Same Day Bang Part 1

This is beyond Simple Pickup, David Wygant, Kimberly Seltzer, Kezia Noble, RSD or any other Dating Coach who gives beginner type advises for males to increase their confidence and get some success with women.

Same Day Bang is the future of pickup. This thing lets you to pull a sexy girl from street to your sex location in around 1-2 hours and have sex with her on the same day. We call it beyond pro because it is real seduction and it requires lot of knowledge, skills, persistence, plan, courage to do. A man who develops a skill to make same day bang becomes Social Ninja.

This story is unbelievable. I just saw her on the street. She was so sexy. I knew she is gym girl as her gym clothes perfectly covered her curvy ass, tights. Unfortunately she was walking to her car and I could not have any chance to stop her, manipulate and change her goal. She was too far away.

I have stand for a while on the street and saw that she is turning back with her bmw badboy car. My ego started to tell me she is more worth than you: “look how she looks, what car she drives”, and when I asked my ego: “Is it things she uses to cover her insecurities? Probably yes. So let’s turn to social ninja and see how she will handle her emotions” My ego just shouted down. Once again I crushed my ego with Alpha Male’s Mindset.

I turned to Social Ninja and became a man who will do everything to lay her on the same day. I felt in my body that I just became most manipulative person on the planet. A person who will tell things for her to tease her have sex with me on the same day. A person who will lie, a person who will manipulate, will play with her emotions, a person who will be better actor than most of actors in Hollywood, a person who will lead this interaction to sex no matter what, a person which’s behavior she would not be able to understand because it is beyond PRO GAME..

Other part of my body were asking me: “Why you are doing this? Is this right thing to do? Do you think it is good to do this? What do you think about yourself? Do you think you are good person or not by doing this?” and I just killed this inner voice with this statement: “I want to make her happy, she just does not know how pleasurable sex will be with me and how emotional roller-coaster she will experience spending this 1-2 hours with me. And how she would happy dating me later because I can read their minds…

I will manipulate in order to conquer social norms which been installed into her and will make her happy no matter what. And I just love what I do and I love sex…

I stopped her car. I acted and manipulated her in order to get into her car. In 5 minutes she convinced herself to go with me to the gym and let me film her workout. She just could not understand with whom she already made contact and what I will do for her. She was looking to my eyes and been captivated by my Alpha Male’s behavior.



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