In this article GET A GIRLFRIEND FAST AND EASY (Part 2) I will continue my personal life story which explains powerful AMT system – which allows you to get a girlfriend in the fastest and money wise efficient way possible. The begining of this article you can find in GET A GIRLFRIEND FAST AND EASY (Part 1) Read everything carefully till the end.

At 4 pm I went to that work-labor school where my future girlfriend was studying hair stylist job. She was standing outside and smoking a cigarette with her female friend (classmate). I approached her female friend and showed her attention:

AMT Dancer: How can you cope with such a stubborn friend? :)))

Fat girl: Hahaha

The Fat girl looked fat and my future girlfriend (her name was Karina) looked like model. Bitchy model with cigarette :))) After some chat up lines, I isolated Karina for a walk. We walked couple circles and stopped at the yard of my apartment. I played some music from my phone, showed her couple dance steps, tried to pull back her to my place, but she was not ready for it at this moment. We led her to the bus and she went home.

I came back to my apartment. It was almost 7 pm. Arthur was at home. He was on fire, because he approached a girl at the trolley-bus on the way back home. Her name was Victoria and she was working at massage salon which was close to our apartment. Arthur saw Victoria after she finished the job and approached her. Arthur used AMT system and got her number. It seemed they going to meet, because he talked to her around 10 minutes, but he didn’t meet her later the same day. Arthur mentioned that she is from Kaunas and came to Vilnius because she wanted to separate from her parents, she also have been for 2 months in Cyprus and now she decided to stay in Vilnius.

I and Arthur had a cup of tea and congratulated each other with the days success.

STEP 3: Go on a date and get physical

Get physical means you need to touch her: take her hand, dance with her, do palm reading, touch her ass, kiss her, even have sex with her if you are a social ninja. Of course she has to want it and be ready for it at the first date.

I my situation with Karina it was the second date when we had sex. Because we have already met, walked and spent ~2 hours together. She knew where is my sex location (home) so she didn’t want to look like a slut and didn’t go there. What I did was brilliant. I invited to Karina and her classmate to meet all together, three of us. Karina agreed. We have met after their classes at 6 pm. Girls (Karina and her Fat girlfriend) smoked cigarettes and then I pulled them back to our apartment, where I lived with Arthur. I asked girls to come to the kitchen. I made some tea for all of us.

Fat girl: Just tea? :)))

AMT Dancer: Unfortunately yes :)))

Blonde (Karina) to the Fat girl: I told you he is like that, bad boy :))

Finally 6:30 pm Arthur came after work. When he saw the fat girl he wasn’t the happiest guy on the planet. He knew that I will ask his help to take care of a fat girl and let me isolate Blonde (Karina) in my bedroom.

PART 2 end (to be continued).

AMT Dancer


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