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How Being Honest Moved My Relationship Dramatically Forward

I met this girl in a gym. She mentioned by herself in two weeks that she is my girlfriend once I started to call her as my girlfriend. I wrote an article how I met her and also created a video.

One Friday’s night we were walking together around our same building where we were living. We approached red bicycles which you can take and ride around Washington D.C. She was mentioning that she will go to her parent’s city on long weekend. I said her that we can go together. She said: ‘really you wanna come and visit my city?’, I said: ‘Let’s see in future. But I would like’. She was so excited that I suggested to visit her friends and family.

Also she was so excited that I am foreigner who connected with her better than any other guy she met before. But something happened. One night we went to city center. I was overcoming myself and trying to understand why I am doing this. For me needs a reason why I am going to restaurants, why I am traveling and so on.  Is it interesting to me. Do I wanna this an so on. Do I wanna buy her dinner when I am not understanding what I am doing here in city center. I was confused because we did not talk to each other how we will manage finances.

We found my country’s embassy, took photo which later I sent to my mom. I did not enjoyed fully what I am doing with her, because I was focusing on what value I am getting from going out with her instead off having great time. So I did not care enough how she feels. She wanted to eat and I did not care, I did not suggest like: ‘Let’s go to restaurant, you will grab some food for yourself. I am full, but I will keep company for you’. She felt bad about that I did not communicate enough to make both of us happy.

Later on we took Uber and drove home. As it was Uber Pool, one male was already in a car. He was sitting in the back seat. So I said her to sit down in the front and I sat down with that male in a back seat. My girlfriend started to talk to Uber Driver which was from Middle East. And she talked for almost 10 minutes until I said to driver: ‘could you stop a car in the shoulder’, and I asked male to sit in the front and my girlfriend to come back. She was really surprised by this my behavior. It hurt my Ego and feeling enormously. I started to think about her that I will never be happy being with her. We drove back to home and entered her apartments.

She wanted affection (hug’s, cuddles, touches) and after that sex. But I wanted to talk about the situation what happened. I looked to her eyes and said: ‘OK, good night for you’. I left. I felt big pain in my heart which tomorrow converted to big angry. That day I took my client and we went to approach girls. I also hit-ed a gym. But my mind was occupied with thoughts about meeting her ant talking about what happened. So I texted her and set up meeting. She replied back just in 2 hours. During the second text we arranged to meet each other on 7 pm. She felt lot of pain as-well because I did not say her why I left. I needed to say: ‘Tonight I feel not prepared to talk, let’s do it tomorrow’.

She came on 7 pm to my apartments. When I opened the doors I saw in her eyes how much pain she was feeling when she did not hear from me any message. She also was prepared to say 4 main my mistakes what I did. I suggested her to start first. So we spent 4 fours by explaining to each other how we see that situation what happened. We also managed finances. I was totally honest with my-self and her.

After 1 week she said: ‘that talk what we did was really important for our relationship’

Bottom line:

Alpha Man is responsible to be honest with himself and his woman.

Alpha Man is responsible how she feels. He cares for her.

Alpha Man is responsible to explain his thoughts in understandable words that his woman will understand him completely.

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