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How To Approach Girl In the Gym and Get Laid Part 1

How to approach a girl on the gym and get laid on the same day. How to make Same Day Lay. In this article we will tell you a story how we approached a girl in the gym on got laid in 1 hour. If you will not read this article you will do same mistakes as you did and your results will not increase. More over you will not get new girlfriend or fuck-buddy.

We went to the gym. We were training our-self. We had exactly plan from approach to sex in the gym. Step-by-step you know what you will do once you will approach a girl. You know what you will say, how you will not run out of things to say and how you will pull her back to your place. You approach to lay, not to get flaky number.

As gym were in our apartment, it was risky to screw it up. If a girl will reject us in front of others soon we will run out my reputation back in this apartment. We checked a gym three times. Two times here have not been girls for Same Day Lay. But on the third time we saw her running on gym running machine. She had curved sexy ass.

We approached her. We said exactly pickup lines from our plan. We got her attention in few seconds. And isolated her in a minute!

Her butt was so sexy! Before 2 minutes we were strangers and now she is doing what we said. Such kind of results gives powerful system from approach to sex and being invisible social ninja. When RSD Tyler (Ginger one), Julien  Max approach and try to amuse a girl spend 1 hour and do not fuck a girl, we isolate her in 1 minute and she is doing what we want. It shows you a difference when you have solid system and when you try to apply weak running your’s as a person reputation “system”. While squatting casanova from alphapickup tries to build connection talking with her for 1 hour and showing how much he knows about the world, we approach, manipulate and isolate her in 1 minute. See the difference of solid system and beginner’s game?

In other 15 minutes we pulled her to our apartment. Complete stranger we pulled in 15 minutes from gym to our apartment! What does AMT system! This is incredible and total future of pickup which also saves PUA’s community reputation. You become invisible social ninja who has social hacks and other people do not have information about you, so they cannot manipulate you. This is future of Same Day Lays and the whole pickup.

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  1. Ron says:

    Any videos to share on your YouTube?

  2. Zaid says:

    Very nice video and hot girl

  3. Vishnu says:

    You are amazing

  4. Biruke says:

    Let’s see

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