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How To Approach Girls In College

3 years back I wrote an amazing article about Alpha Man Attitude on how to approach girls in college. That video was made in Europe. This time I am in America and I have some new thoughts.

Girls in college love guys  who are older than they. They are very attracted towards guys who are older 5-7 years than they. For example if a girl in college is 21 years old, and you are 27 years old.

My Asian client is 32 years old, but he looks like 27. He uses masks and aloe on his face. So he can approach younger girls because girls perceive him as a younger guy. For me is very important to train you how to treat you face skin and look young once you will come to Alpha Man Training. So first step on how to approach girls in college is to look young and youthful. Alpha Man Dress style can improve your game dramatically. Once we created two different daygame styles for my Asian client, girls in campus started to respond many times better to him.

The next thing you need to know about how to approach girls in college is proper Alpha Male mindset. Do not afraid to approach girls in college. They are young and they wanna meet guys. They wanna meet new people. They do not wanna be to close to their classmates, but they can be very close to you, as you are from street. You are not from their inner circle. Girls wanna deep conversations with guys who are not friends to their friends. Do not afraid go to universities which you do not attend. Just feel part of it. Feel like you attend this university and you are the student.

Here are two ways how to open girls in college:

  1. Social way. If a girl is on the street as you saw in my first article, so I open her in a not private way. It means that people 2-3 meters from us can hear and understand what is going on between us. Opener: “Hey, I just saw you, and you look beautiful to me. I said, I need talk to you. What is your name?”
  2. Private way. If you feel that a girl will be uncomfortable talk to you in front of other people, so you open her in a private way: “Hey, you are beautiful to me, but I do not wanna to disturb other people around, I do not wanna others to judge us. Lets go to other there and talk”

Isolation is key in approaching girls in college. When you open a girl in social way, you isolate her for a walk. When you open her in private way, you isolate her with a purpose to not disturb others and let them to judge you and her.

Once you isolated, you start seduction. Make sure you red my book How To Become an Alpha Man, where I wrote techniques you need to know once you isolate her.


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