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How to be a good wingman Part1

how to talk to girls in clubsI remember one story how I and my wingman have seduced 3 beautiful girls form Latvia. We came up to one local cafe. I stopped and asked girls:

– “Girls, did you ordered a striptease?” – I kept eye contact and slightly moved my hips around. They were in shock, smiled. I came up with good energy and intentions. I left them and sat down with my wingman. We looked around and both understood that best is to approach these three Latvian girls, because one of them was looking at me. Her eyes was saying: “approach us once again“, while other two girls were very young and I think without any experience in sex.

Once again I approached these three girls. I used strong body language and asked:

– “Witch one of you dances the best?” One girl showed her friend, another one as well. They cannot believe what is happening. In such village two well-dressed men came to this cafe and makes jokes about striptease, even invites a girl for a quick dance.

I gave my hand to her, and took her for a dance. During that moment my trained wingman approached these girls and asked:

– “Girls do you like this show?” – Girls said, that they cannot believe what is happening. They started to ask him, where guys are you from? And so on. My wingman used strong body language. ? He sat down in the center and took space. He started to talk about their fantasies about stripper:

My wingman: “I think that you want marine soldier who will dance a striptease for you in bathroom, because you like white color and you all dressed white” With leaned back position of body language he quickly made them feel relaxed. All girls were laughing and joking about their fantasies.

When I was dancing I was feeling all her body. We danced much closed. She felt that I lead very well so she trusted me instantly and let to do with her what I want.


After dancing we came up to our group and sat. When my wingman took another girl and bounced her to the dance-floor. Girls was amazed by our show. My wingman started to dance with her. After a little dance they came back to us and when I took this gorgeous blonde and said for her to sit down. I approached waitress and said to play striptease song. She said they do not have it, so I said, play pop music.

My wingman started filming everything with iPhone. I took two chairs, placed them, and sat down blonde and another girl. I started to dance and remove my clothes in this small city café.  When I did some crazy movements, blonde said: “Oho”. I undressed my jacket and shirts.

Soon other guys became jealous in this cafe. Guys were crossing this room, staring at us. I ignored them and knew what I will do if they will approach us.

One girl was guessing:

– “So who ordered you to dance for us?“, and I said

– “This girl” – They started to laugh once again. So one of them was serious girl. I started to talk with her:

– “What is in your phone?” She told me that here are photos from weddings that she did. She is an organizer and she organizes weddings. I created connection by asking more questions and going deep. When I was talking with her seriously, I was touching feet of other`s girl. It was so sexy. I seriously talk with one serious lady, and under the table I touch another girl`s feet.

Calling the police

These 10 jealous guys started commenting us, like:

– “Can you dance for us striptease” and so on.

So, what I did was amazing. I called to police and said, that we cannot relax in cafe because 10 drunk guys are aggressive and if you will not come, soon here will be fight. After 5 minutes 4 police men with bananas and guns came to this cafe. I met them and said that these 10 guys shitting on us and I said I want that no one of them should not be here.

Police came to them and asked:

– “Guys you are searching problems? Why do not you let to relax for people? Please go with us” – Police took them, but it is not the end. Police drove back and these guys after 10 minutes came back to this cafe. I cannot believe how they are shitting on us and how they are jealous that we are seducing girls really well.

I instantly called the police and said that aggressive guys came back and now I want to write a claim for them. After 5 minutes police was here. My wingman was holding girls, I wrote a claim for them. Police said that I should also go to commissariat. I came back to my wingman and girls and said to my wingman: “go with girls and stay, I will come back”. Girls bought two bottles of champagne.  They so liked our striptease show that invested into us.

It was so unbelievable. I and other 10 guys were driving to commissariat. I drove with my car. My wingman protected girls and moved to girls` flat. I spent about 20 minutes in commissariat and wrote a claim for these guys. The claim was about using psychological and physical violence against me and my friends.

The mood of these guys dropped down. They saw, that my head is working, that I drank 0 alcohol and my head is working much more faster than drunk`s person.

Guys, you cannot imagine how I was happy when police man said: “You are free, you can go”. Now the question was: “how everything is going to my wingman?”

I called to my wingman and fortunately he was still with girls and said:

– “Come to us we wait you!” – I was so happy. I felt like a winner. A man who has best wingman on the planet. My self-esteem was on the top. I moved to girls` flat.

Part 2


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