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How to be a good wingman Part2

Oklahoma Oklahoma nightgame coaching pua pickupI drove back to girls` flat. When I entered this flat I saw my partner dancing a striptease. Two girls were without bra. I could not believe what is happening and how girls are really wild when they see hot movements, relaxed guys, having fun, and sexy bodies.

I was feeling that we won competition against these not trained frustrated chumps. The atmosphere in commissariat was so bad, and here is another world. Girls asked: “Are you alive? Come to us” During that moment I saw that these girls are really nice, they are about 28-32 years old, they know how to relax.

One girl asked:

Why you guys approached us, not others?” When I turned my head to them and said: “Because we needed mature women, not young  girls

My wingman placed one girl on the sofa and started massaging her ass. I did the same. It is our special striptease part. Girls commented: “This is a striptease?”

My wingman undressed girl`s jeans and putted champagne on her ass. He licked it. It was so sexy. She was wearing black strings and her ass was so round and hot.

We were fucking these three girls 5 times per night. My wing man fucked my blonde, I fucked another two girls. When we did a rotation. I cannot believe that this girl who were working with weddings were fucking with us. She had two kids and husband. Simple unbelievable how she is cheating on her husband.


I decided that I need to record everything in DVD and explain to other men on the planet How to pick up girls with a wingman and get laid. And I did! In this program Alpha Man Training has trained two guys how to work in team and get laid. Striptease training is included! If you will watch this DVD you will learn how to pick up girls with a partner, how to dance striptease.

So all in all a good wingman is:

Sacramento California daygame infield pickup pua

A good wingman makes a complete one person with you. If you are outgoing, he is more conservative and stable. If you are talkative, he is more observer. If you are warm and friendly, he is colder. If you are extravert he is introvert.

How I became an outstanding professional pick up artist in 2 years? Simple by having a good wingman P., with whom I made complete one person.

A good wingman always helps you no matter what. He never criticizes you, instead of that he gives you compliment, suggestions. He is problem solving oriented. For example: “AlphaManTraining, I saw that girls love than you dance with them. Dance more, touch more rough them, dominate all the time. Because at the beginning you dominated, your energy was higher than Sara`s but later your energy dropped down and she started become bored. You can isolate her more privately and dance with her.

A good wingman always sees how you feel and what are you doing. He is like another mother who feels you very well. For example if you do not want to be in set, a good wingman should instantly notice it and react to it. Because he knows, by being in this set, you are losing opportunity to be in another set where are amazing sexy girls who will like you and will want to get laid with you.

A good wingman has no boundaries. He thinks that you can get laid in a two hours. A good wingman never stops. If girls are hot and they like you, a good wingman will fuck them on the same day, while another not competent wingman will think that he can a girl after a 10th date.

A good wingman is never a spectator. He is a show. What happens if your wingman is spectator? You just one take leading role and soon your energy will drop down. A good wingman will isolate other girl and he will dominate her by initiating talking, touching and seducing.

A good wingman has good dress style. He dress for success. And he gives you tips and his perspective how you looks and witch clothes goes for you and witch not.

DVD Wingman Training Material 25 hours

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