How to flirt at work and seduce a female coworker - post7090

How to flirt at work and seduce a female coworker

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She is from the same company but she was not satisfied with the job so she was leaving in just few weeks , so as the rule for daygaming I followed alphamantraining techniques on daygame and the result is here as we are from the same company and the only thing in my mind is to rule above and things became easy
So I approached her so she like my vibes and we decided to meet at her place she cooked really nice food for us.
I reached and saw the food is still preparing for helped her in the kitchen. She offered juice and water.
She spoked about random things then we sat on her couch to have soup and while watching movie on Netflix
And I kept my right hand over her shoulder and she also held my right hand hanging out of her shoulder.

Then we got little more close and I kissed her hair eventually within 120 seconds kissed her ear while she was doing something in her phone. She said I got distracted and forgot what she was writing because of you I kissed her ear again
So she asked wanna go to my room?
I said lets go we lied down together inside the blanket and we started kissing each other passionately and then I pulled her to bathroom because I love to fuck girls in bathroom then I fucked her and cummed on her ass

she really enjoys AMT’s dick

AMT grabbing and playing with her tits while she is on the phone. Amazing infield! Duration 15 sec

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