How to Get a Girl to Fall for You in 3 hours PART 2 - post6708

How to Get a Girl to Fall for You in 3 hours PART 2

Let’s continue this amazing Houston Texas USA Russian girl seduction!

She asked: “How many years did you study?”, I said: “2.5 years”, she asked: “Everything was in English?”, I: “Yeah studies were in English”, She asked: “so the experience was awesome yeah?”, I replied in sexy voice: “Yeahhhhh very”, when she giggled hahaha and look at the picture below, she is laying without bra facing her big tits to my sheet of bed!!!! and brushing her perfect sweaty big tits to sheet.

I am putting oil and will touch her more.

I started to touch her amazing big perfect for fuck ass

When I even touched her ass more she spread her hands to side more, I could feel she really liked and needed it.

I went to side and touched her more. My touching techniques turned her more and more and this Houston Texas USA girl started to forget everything in life and just waiting to be seduced by me 😉
She pushed her ass back and really enjoyed this moment!

When I spread her legs more she giggled and asked: “You will touch my whole body??”, I: “yeah whole body it have been written :D”, and she did not understand me but said: “mhm :D”

I said her: “If some hair in bikini zone it is okay”, when she was silent but definitely thought about her pussy being touched by my amazing hands!!!!!!!

I placed pickup infield camera in front of her perfect ass and look guys how her amazing pussy and ass waits to be penetrated!!!

I turned her on and left. Look at the picture below she is in shock ! she thinks this guy acts in a way that I cannot predict!

When she least expected I took from her this butt pillow and continue seducing her.

I said her to turn around and she is without bra and shy! She imitates that she covers her tits with a towel but soon I will touch them and will turn her more for sex 😉

She was imitating shy girl and said: “But I did not take a shower 🙁 “, I said: “Everything is okay, smell is good, perfect!”, when she: “Really?”, I: “Yeah 😉 ” When she smiled and said: “Okay 🙂 “
She asked: “When are you planning to work? 😀 “, I replied: “I am working now 😛 hahahaha ” and she started to laugh. She started to ask some more personal question and instead of replying to them I said her to take blindfold on her eyes and she did it 😀

I started to touch her belly and saw how juicy and big her pussy almost coming out from her pink bikini. She was turned on. Her underwear was wet with vaginal secretions. I started to touch her big tits! If you will purchase this Houston Texas Russian Girl infield nothing will be blurred out!!! I will show you everything how I seduced and fucked her!!! And made fall for me in 3 hours 😉

I placed my self in front of her and my cock full of blood was brushing into her head and she definitely 100 percent was feeling it
I said her in very sexy tone of voice: “I will touch a little bit your bladder :D, she replied in excited tone of voice: “mhm 🙂 “, I could feel her pussy is wet, she is turned on, but I am not giving myself yet, she cannot have sex with me now!!!!!!

She turned to side and occupied my bed! Came to my apartment, been seduced by me and now want to be fucked!

I pulled her panties down and I could see her juicy pussy coming out. That was insane view. Really loved it.
This is end of PART 2 , wait PART 3 😉 how I drove Houston Texas USA Russian girl crazy 😉




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