How to Get a Girl to Fall for You in 3 hours PART 3 - post6762

How to Get a Girl to Fall for You in 3 hours PART 3

Hi guys!

I am getting over sickness, my throat is doing much better, I do not have temperature and I will be ready next week penetrate some new hot females!!!

Doggy will become their new favorite pose 😀 as our top old follower KRK said!!!

So let’s continue How to Get a Girl to Fall for You in 3 hours PART 3 !!

In the picture below first time I kiss her. I putted her to down, raised up her legs, leaned forward and kissed her by holding her hands. Was very passionate and raw as fuck!!!!!

When I pulled her to my bed, brushed her hair, looked to her eyes, started to make out and inserted my penis without a condom to her. She did not say anything. And has not been on birth control, or on pills nothing. She just been seduced by me and she really needed it.

OMG guys, her pussy is big juicy and very hot to fuck. Amazing legs, ass. Perfect female
We fucked all night long and in the morning she said: “I have some biscuits. We can eat them with coffee”. I replied: “Okay” – but actually I eat very rare biscuits but I appreciated that she wants to be nice in some way. When I made coffee she asked: “Wow! So tasty, better than Starbucks!! From where do you know how to make such coffee?”, I said: “From Spain ;)”, but actually guys, I train this coffee recipe in my Diet DVD
That was my amazing seduction of Friday girl 😉 We exchanged contacts and any time I want I can call her and she will respond to me because we had a great time 😉 . That is great about REAL life seduction!!!

To your powerful success on seducing women!!!

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