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How to Get One Night Stand in America

one night stand in america 3 coverIn this article you will learn Alpha Male laws about how to get one night stand in America. Moreover you will be able to practice in your city or you will drive to bigger one and you will get one night stand easily. With this girl we get one night stand in 20 minutes. System is simple.

One night stand Law #1: Rent apartments 10 minutes away from clubs/bars in city center.

one night stand in america

Rent apartments where live other tourists or professional working people. Those people will go to clubs/bars and later will be drunk and will go home. Those are your targets to get one night stand. You do not need to drive 30 minutes away from your home and try to find girls for one night stand. Your close neighbors will be very good targets for one night stand. Of course here comes your first excuses: but what if I will lose reputation? What reputation? You do not have reputation. Life is too short try to please everybody. Please yourself. You are Alpha.

One night stand Law #2: Go and approach older than 26 years old girls 5 minutes away from your apartment on 12pm-2am morning. 

one night stand in america 4

You have just two hours to make it happen. Do not waste your time. Infield after infield we noticed that best return of investment we get going from 12pm-2am morning. If you go on 10pm girls want to dance, talk, smoke cigarettes, socialize, and do other bullshit. They want one night stand 12pm-2am. For example in Charlotte NC after 2:30am is very hard to pull, because girls left bars/clubs yet. 1:30am is the time to pull her back to your place and fuck her deeply that she will cry.

One night stand Law #3: Approach girl standing alone and quote drunk

one night stand in america 2

If you approach group of girls we are sure that will be one of them cock-blocker. If you approach one girl, there is no cock-blocker and you get 100% success. If you want to get one night stand, the best and the easiest way to get it is to approach one drunk girls standing on the street and searching something between 12pm-2am.

If you approach a girl who is not drunk or quite drunk, you will need to go to bars/clubs, spend money and do other shit witch cost your time and money. If you approach one girls standing alone, she already was in bar, got some drink, she already in state to be pulled back to your place. You just need amazing strond dancing techniques and Alpha Male mindset. Invest now in our Dancing DVD and learn how we do it:

One night stand Law #4: Talk any shit, amuse yourself, dance, make-out, take it easy and pull her back to your place.

one night stand in america 3 2

After you made-out with her is time to take her hand and pull back to your place. We have some great effective lines to break her resistant not to go. Complete One Night Stand Process we are giving in our Skype consultation. Make sure you reserve 1 hour of skype:


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