How To Steal Your Roommate's Girlfriend Part 2 - post4012

How To Steal Your Roommate’s Girlfriend Part 2

from-approach-to-sex-with-roommates-girlfriend-2Todd was waiting that moment then Michael will leave to work and he will lie down on the bed, will open his room door and will start jerk off.

8 am morning Michael went to work. Blonde was alone in Michaels room. Todd opened his eyes and understood that it is time to do something because that blonde is leaving 2pm. Of course on the lunch time Michael will call her to see everything is OK or not.

Todd went to kitchen to drink water. Michaels room doors were closed and blonde maybe was sleeping or not. Who knows… It was glass doors so you could see someone is walking and what clothes is wearing. Todd was naked and was standing in front of her room. He was jerking off. Blonde did not come.

He realized that he need to knock to her doors and start fun talk. He did not overcome fear to knock to her doors. He went for a sleep. All minds about having amazing sex were coming to Todds head and he slept just for 30 minutes. He was creating a strategy. His head was working like Hitlers mind.

He put sport clothes and approached blondes room. He knocked to doors and asked with a smile on his face:

Todd: -“Hey, when you need to go back?” – Todd asked blonde.

Blonde: -“mmmm 2pm is driving to pick me up. Is that OK, If something I can go now” – blonde immediately woke up and came to Todd.

Todd: “I know it is quite long distance go with a train to your city. I used to have group mates who have been from your city and were going to your city with a train. So did you like Paris?”

Blonde: “Yes, people in Paris are different. They are more relaxed and open minded. So what do you do in life. Even Michael did say your name. He said that you just a roommate.”

Todd: “haha. You did not know what I am doing. I am a dance teacher.” – Todd took blondes hand and started to dance with her. He said that he runs striptease company. Blonde was really interested into it. He gave her stockings and said that he bought for one girl who has similar body shape and he is not 100  % sure that those stockings will look cool. So blonde putted those stockings and started to dance striptease for Todd!

Todd: “we do not have lot of time. I need go to the gym.” Todd realized that why not if blonde will go together with him to the gym. He said to her:

Todd: “Do you wanna go with me to the gym?”

Blonde: “Yes. Why not”. A blonde putted amazing sexy leggings, white sport jumper and they left to Todds car. He played this music in his car.
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