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How to take girl home for sex in Charlotte NC

Step 1: Approach 26+ years old girls at 1-2 AM morning on Friday or Saturday in Charlotte Uptown

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If you want to take girl home for sex in Charlotte NC you should approach older than 26 years old women who standing alone, are quite drunk and looking around. Those women have experience in sex life. Even if woman are 30 years old, her body produces more testosterone and she takes guys home for sex.
Search for quite drunk girls who are standing alone and looking around. Those girls are up to one night stands in Charlotte NC. In Charlotte live lot of young white professional people. Rent apartments close to city center. Do not rent apartments 10-20 miles away from Charlotte city center, because there maybe bad neighborhood. Moreover to pull a girl 10-20 miles away is fucking hard. Save your time.

Step 2: Say:  “You make me feel uncomfortable” 🙂 Play victim`s role.

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Girls in Charlotte North Carolina love dance teachers who play victim`s role. They see those men as confident, secure about themselves and not needy for sex. Girls all dancers associate with good lovers in bed. If you want to take girl home for sex in Charlotte NC you should not show any indicators that you are desperate for sex.

Step 3: Be Free From Outcome. Say: – “Yeah, I will go home”.

In every fucking moment you should be free from outcome. Women in Charlotte NC are independent, they have jobs, good salaries, they are not desperate for any help from guys. If they will sense any neediness from you, you done. You can do with her what you want but at the same time you do not need from her nothing. You can pull her to your apartment and if you will become needy the last moment she will not sleep with you. This is fucking very important in USA.

Step 4: Call us due to Dance Lessons or Order Our DVD: “How to Dance With a Woman”

You must learn nightclub dancing. It will help you massively rise her emotions and pull her back to your place or go with her. I mean how you will create emotions if you will not learn properly how to dance and seduce a girl in Charlotte NC?
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Step 5: Lead her when it needs

This girl even screamed out for other guy to lead her. I felt that it is the time to lead her. Always feel the situation. Always feel environment around you. Be dominant. Talk for 5 minutes, show not neediness and pull her. Alpha Male do not waste his time.

Step 6: Set Yourself in lover`s frame

Say that you earn enough money to pay bills, buy clothes, rent apartment in Charlotte North Carolina. You can play fourth types of game: 1. Boyfriend 2. Just Friend 3. Lover 4. Nothing
In order to fuck her do not put yourself into boyfriend category by talking about future plans or how you beautifully will date her. Talk about emotions, sexual things, both of you in bed, use dancing techniques to rise up and keep emotions. If you want to learn exact system how to take girl home for sex in Charlotte NC, come to our office. We will train you. We provide 15 minutes FREE consultation with a cup of coffe!

Step 7: Take girl home and give her amazing sex


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    What camera did you use to record this interaction.

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    I look for a sex girl

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