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How To Trust Yourself and Be Confident

I had big trust in myself and was confident when I was tutoring dance lessons on Mondays & Wednesdays in one school starting from 7:45 Pm and ending up at 10 pm, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the same time in other school hall. Actually from Monday to Thursday my evening were full of activity – teaching other people how to dance.

At the daytime 10 a.m.-3 p.m. I was meeting my alphamantraining students and training them how to approach a gril anywhere, anytime. I was living with my girlfriend and she assisted me to train men individually dance and seduction techniques. Maybe you asking how she was feeling when I was training seduction techniques? – Well, I have overcame feeling to feel weird about that with love and big want to help and solve problems for alphamantraining followers.

At the weekends we were driving to my parents to another city or we were going to girlfriend’s aunt. So I was happy by spending lot of time with most close and important people in my life.

Sometimes on Saturdays And Fridays I was going with alphamantraining followers to train and help them in Night Game. We were practicing dancing, isolating, escalating techniques. My life was interesting and I was happy. I trusted myself and was confident. If you would ask me how to trust yourself and be confident I would ask you: how much you love yourself and your lifestyle?

See, maybe you miss a girlfriend or wife, maybe you does not like your work or even hate it? Maybe you do not have friends, activities to do, or those relationships with friends are based on a value they get from you, and you do not feel happy in your heart. You feel lonely and bored…

You need to see where negativity comes from, where negative feelings come from and start to work on that and delete or change into positive. Step after step you need to remove all negativity you have in your life. You need identify root of source of where negativity comes to your life and each day work hard to remove this negativity small peace after small peace until you completely will remove it.

Alpha Man Confidence

Well he dress sharp, women are attracted to him, he knows how to turn them on during the dance, he has lifestyle and he is interesting. I strongly recommend you to read my book: “How To Become an Alpha Man” – I have included lot of pictures from my life and confidence I built up. Moreover I inserted pictures where I approach and say AMT lines on different scenarios: in park, in trolley-bus, in tube, on the street, in shopping mall, in library back at student campus, at elevator and so on. So you will know what to say how to behave on those situations where you will see a girl.



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