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eBook “How to become an Alpha Man”

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This electronic book 150 Pages A4 will train you How to become self-confident, how to change your dressing-style, how to pickup one, two girls in groups and even with other male (AMOG).

eBook is about Alpha Man, how to manage your life in such way that you will be best choice for woman. You will get seduction techniques from Aaron Wealthy who incorporates dancing in seduction AMAZINGLY!



How to become an alpha man by Aaron Wealthy

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Why faces are blurred in video?

Because of privacy.

Will be faces blurred in the book?

No. You will comfortable read this book and understand everything.

How this book is different from other books?

Aaron Wealthy incorporated dancing techniques into seduction AMAZINGLY.  And he wrote every dialog, every conversation with a girl about dancing. All girls love dancing. Aaron Wealthy is one of the best Player in Night Game, due to his Alpha Male Mindset and Dancing/Leading skills. Everything he wrote in the book. Very hard to find such player, who will train you such things witch Aaron Wealthy are doing with girls. Everything is illustrated with lot of photos. Aaron written all his life story how he became an Alpha Male. You will get his all experience. In this book he will be like your partner and you will IMPROVE YOUR GAME DRAMATICALLY (BECAUSE OF NEW LEADING/DANCING/CONVERSATION SKILLS)

Where You will send me this book?

After Payment system will automatically unlock eBook. You will read it opening “MY PRODUCTS” in your account. You will become our partner. You will be on our client list. You will be welcome on telephone, email, seminars, live training. We respect our clients.

Can I buy this book in bookstore?

No, you can buy it just here. We do not have any partners. Here is our official website and all our clients buy here.


“How to become an Alpha Man”

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