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Lead group and be Sexual Alpha Man at the party

Dance lesson for the company director’s birthday

AMT is holding dance training at business man birthday party. This business man knows AMT for 10 years. Before 10 years he was purchasing some services from AMT

AMT: “Okay, so come closer to each other”

AMT: “Men, with left leg go forward, women with right foot back”

AMT: “1, Men turn around so you could see me”

AMT: “Men turn around, from a man dance begins so it is necessary”

AMT: “1 2 3, women begin spin”

AMT: “Man with blue suit, prepare spin with your right hand”

AMT is talking with follower from Taiwan who wants learn daygame
and nightgame and meet lot of women

AMT seduced this young female milf with great body and energy

AMT is working outside, inhelling fresh air, snow is around and crows are on trees

AMT: “Are you shooting? Okay, I will sing Rasputin. He was a leadrer of Russia”

AMT: “It is just a song to release emotion, improve voice, have great fun and time”

It is 10:30 pm so AMT and Lithuanian official – Gambling supervisor do not want neighbors to piss off.
AMT was late for 30 minutes, but it is normal and under control 😉

AMT is visiting Lithuanian official at his place for a coffee.
An official investigates complaints from residents about gambling companies

After the AMT singing, the Commissar (his nickname in the game)
also sang a song, and then they sang another song together

AMT: “Wisdom says you need to know how to love everyone”

Team is preparing to hold a dance lesson. In front of you AMT’s follower for 14 years – he is programmer,
also knows some hacking. Today his role – photographer,
shooter. He just wants relax, be part of something

AMT: “Do you hear the sound?? yeah The equalizers jump well”

After AMT training you will know how to lead group of people, be a leader

You’ll also improve your physical fitness.

Read our book – how to become an Alpha Man – you will read all secrets of how to become
an Alpha Man

Will be no woman on the planet which you cannot seduce

AMT: “All your lower back will reinforce”

Here is Richard – AMT’s amazing roommate with whom he lived. He is very tall, has great body language,
they had amazing time with AMT. AMT is not getting information what happened to him. Just police can answer.

AMT: “Move her back, spin around. You will do that. EASILY” WITH NO DOUBT

AMT: “You just change the weight, left, right, left, right”

We will improve your body language on 1on1 coaching and also thru our products

AMT with another dancer holding a strip dance lesson for hens party.
We will explain you secrets on becoming sexual with women and turn them on for sex

If you will not hire AMT and invest into infields, products, you will end
your life with money you have but without experience and
amazing relationships with other people. You will be unhappy
and alone, but with your money :DD hahaha

AMT is invited into birthday party of 4 girls. He is giving them amazing show and seducing,
fucking them. You will be trained how to do it – how to not have problems with your sexuality
and be Alpha Man on the parties

Females will scream and they will want you MORE AND MORE.
they will become addicted to you

AMT with a follower who was following AMT for 14 years approaching some
females at the Mall

AMT: “Hey, you are Baltic female?”
Girl: “Yeah.. what is happening with a lighter?? :)”

AMT: “You look similar to white Russian female from Belarus” hahah
Girl: “OMG, my name is …”

Woman: “I am calling to invite AMT to birthday party”
AMT: “Accidentally happened that I hung up the phone”

Woman: “We first time doing this, so we need one man show”
AMT: “mhm”

Woman: “Our birthday party is a month ahead”
AMT: “Send us info and we will write you prices. Shortly describe, because your order is not today ;)”

Sexy Woman: “Okay thank you :)”
AMT: “And today we will send you prices once we will receive info ;)”

Thanks for a call and bye bye 😉

AMT seduced this one beautiful Ukrainian lady and her female friends
If you want to see this infield – contact with us 🙂 You will learn how
to be an Alpha Man at birthday party and general with women and people

AMT is continuing seduction of all those females

Watch video Lead groups and be Alpha Man at the party. Choose 1080 HD

Make Time To Lead
Get To Know Your Team. Leadership is all about how you influence your team to achieve its objectives. …
Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. …
Lead By Example. …
Reward The Good And Learn From The Bad (And The Ugly) …
Delegate. …
Be Decisive. …
Enjoy It!

Learn To Delegate.
Focus On Performance Of The Whole Team.
Recognize And Reward Great Work.
Schedule Regular One-On-One Meetings.
Be A Transparent Leader.
Know Your Team.
Establish Core Values and Nurture Your Company Culture.
Use Only Constructive Feedback.

Have a great day for You


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