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Lost shape in seducing girls AMT seduced girl near water

Here you know like in sports. You may have been exercising since the age of 16 all your life, but look, don’t exercise for half a year and your form falls and falls so that you don’t get back to your former shape within a week. The good news is that muscles have memory. Therefore, you will get back in shape faster than someone who has never exercised in his life and has not reached any significant form.

Same with talking to girls. If you don’t practice seduction for at least 6 months, your form will drop significantly, and if you take a one-year break, your seduction form will drop significantly and it will take at least a month to bring it back to its former state.

The form is this every day communication, seduction of girls. Use of body language. Making flirtatious moves and not standing still when you approach a girl. After taking a break of one year, approaching a girl will make you feel awkward, even if you have not been around people.

You will need simple things, just leaving the house and being among people. And so he improved step by step. After that you will talk to one girl. The next day, having already seduced that one girl, you will use the story of the ring from our book – Dancer’s stories of seduction of women and the book “A woman’s dream alpha man” and how to seduce a woman and how to become the alpha man.

The way you look at the moment will make a big difference. What is your physical shape, tan, hairstyle, style, body language. After all, with all these things you get to know a girl you don’t know. It will also determine what your current plan is to present yourself and what to tell about yourself. And you know she feels a lot, but not a little. For example, in our DVD programs, all approaches are filmed in such a way that they cannot be seen, but even then you can see how they actually behave, and not when they know that the camera is in their eyes. What they say on camera is completely different from how they act when the cameras are off. We studied their behavior and created the products of and

So good luck getting back to the shape you had and even surpassing it 😉
Below is a photo of a hot tattooed blonde we seduced while at the water today. We have a video of us making love to her. If you want to see it, contact us


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