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Mastery Of Seduction: How To Hook Up With A Girl At A Party

Omg guys!!! This Friday turned out to something I did not expect. Now it is Tuesday and I am writing this pickup report. So this last Friday I received this Underage teen San Diego perfect ass girl’s message. She wrote me that her female friend is celebrating birthday party and she with her other 3 female friends want come to my place and celebrate that birthday party. She also initiated and said that we would celebrate thru all night and she would stay for night at my place.

See guys, what kind of Tricking 5 New Different Girls system brought to us girl, which we have seduced and now she texted us by herself, will bring other females and we will fuck her! That’s the beauty of this system that we did not need go to daygame or nightgame, system brought us this Underage teen San Diego perfect ass girl and now our Friday will be filled up with amazing time and sex.

She texted me: “Okey, we would be 6 pm, we want to get drunk and when we will decide where to go next”. I putted Note on my out doors: “Excusme, because of Birthday music of sound will increase”. San Diego perfect ass teen asked me: “What did you wrote on that note?”, I texted her these lines and she replied me with; “aaaaa Thank you al lot 🥰”, I texted her: “how long you actually planning to be?”, because I will see this girl just second time after I fucked her using this system. I do not know her female friends. I just know information about her from her Tik Tok and facebook. But she knows just my fake name and that I rent that apartment.

She replied me: “We will celebrate thru all night! Some people will go out sooner. Will see. I do not know”

I took that risk because I calculated case law and police and let’s bring these new pussies!!!

Later on I see it almost 6 pm is coming and she is not texting me, so I texted her: “After how many minutes you are planning to be?”, she replied: “We are at groceries, buying food and alcohol. In around 30 minutes”, I replied: “Okay”

I went to bus top to meet them. We went back to apartment. Three girls sat down on sofa. My fucked girl sat down on my computer chair, I took another chair from kitchen. I lighten up candles, turned on led lights (will teach you on real training how to create seductive great atmosphere that girls will not want to leave your place!!)

Girl on the right has great body, beautiful face and nice feminine energy, while girl on the left has same thing but boy’s haircut which is not my taste.

A girl on the left it is that girl you did not see. I quickly created some connection with her while with other two ones on the right took some time.
And on the picture above I am taking my fucked San Diego perfect ass girl for a dance. That is what I am saying all the time that if you will not attend my real dance training in life and will not watch my night game program – dancing dvd you will go to dance schools which will teach you how to dance like beta and become a friend to a girl – you will waste your time and money OR you will sit like beta on party and will not know what to do. No other options for you. AMT – we are the only solution if you want to become Alpha Man on the parties. There is no in the middle. Even you Alpha or Beta. No in the middle. And look !! at the picture below!! To San Diego perfect ass girl’s grey leggings!! She is going to bedroom to place her stuff. What a slut! Instantly went to occupy bed!!! because on our first meet received multiple orgasms from AMT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait for PART 2 😉

Your partner on showing you real life infield from approach to sex with most hot girls you ever seen!!!!! And we seduce them without any money!!!!! Just with our game skills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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