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Mike SquattingCasanova PUA Bootcamp Review Part 1

In this photo Squatting Casanova with maximum 5 point from 10 women. They are old and no longer beautiful. And he reacts more than those women. He is not serious. I will not leave my money for him because I do not trust him.

Michael Ke aka SquattinCassanova is doing Total Fake PUA Bootcamps which do not change students and do not give them results they want. When you ask his student’s what results you achieved in SquattinCassanova PUA bootcamp? Did you fuck girls? They answer, no, I have been rejected in Vegas Clubs. This is a good review of his Student:

As soon as my flight arrived at mccarran airport, took a cab to his place. He instantly told me how important looks were(i’m 5 foot 6 asian). Told me to buy elevator shoes and took me to a mall. A lot of the advice he gave me about fashion makes sense but I can easily do research on my won w/o his help. I dropped $200 on new threads on top of $140 online for elevator shoes. Told me to maximize my looks and if it meant buying elevator shoes, then buy it.

A lot of advice he gave is the same shit DJ FUji talks about. “pickup is a skill” “run solid game” “it’s always your fault when you get rejected” “go out 4x a week and approach 15 sets a night”. It’s pretty much a mixture of mystery method+RSD method used in DJ Fuji’s terminology.

after getting rejected allnight, he would ultimately blame it on you for “doing his method wrong” even though, i was better off running game that i was normal with. He’s also very nitpicky, he seriously thinks that i have to have a certain vibe/body language/verbal/etc. Like he’s seriously very anal about a “near perfect pickup” which means less mistakes.

when we arrived at this high end club, he didn’t have to pay cover and I believe I paid $40. We walked around the club and had me approach some girls, all rejections. Told me that i can’t excessively drink because it will fuck up your game. He also doesn’t do dance game(even though 80% of the girls were dancing). After getting rejected allnight at the club, we did some last minute casino lobby game, none hooked.

Then he proceeded to blame me for “not using his method correctly”. I was 100% SURE that if I got wasted and spam approached, i at least would’ve pulled a 5/10 chick that night. I ended up not pulling at all and him criticizing me for “not doing his method correctly” even though, the method he’s teaching doesn’t work for me. I asked for a refund and he said that “sorry man, but u had me working all night so I can’t give you any refunds”. I was pissed off because he already had my money so i just went back to my hotel pissed off that i spent $1000 on the bootcamp on top of $300 for new clothes/cover charge etc.

Michael Ke aka squattincassanova doesn’t give refunds guys. He will also blame you for “Not doing his method correctly”.

and yes, i did have a good attitude but it wasn’t working. I was better off getting wasted and spam approaching instead of running his type of game. it’s really no different from MM+RSD, basic shit like “hey ure cute” “having fun tonight?” pretty much vibing with girls”

How you can trust such Michael Ke aka SquattinCassanova PUA bootcamp? Will you leave all your money to  SquattinCassanova? Why not? You will not leave because you do not trust him.

Even he is trying to destroy RSD by uploading such photos. While he trying to make jokes about RSD, Social Ninjas’ students pull and fuck girls. He is not serious and he is not giving refund. His system is weak which does not let students to fuck girls and lose their virginity. He even does not have his own system. As his student said It’s pretty much a mixture of mystery method+RSD method used in DJ Fuji’s terminology.

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